Large Review Of Studies Finds Three To Four Cups Of Coffee A Day Are Beneficial

There have been plenty of studies over the years promoting the health benefits of drinking coffee. Some say drinking one cup is good, others say three, and there are even a few that reckon that seven, yes, seven cups are good for you.

Finally, someone has taken the time to look over all those conflicting studies and has come up with an overall recommendation. Researchers from The University of Southampton have poured over more than 200 different papers and have determined that three to four cups is the best for health benefits.

That is classed as 'moderate drinking', with people in that category found to have a lower risk of liver disease and some cancers - as well as being at a lower risk of dying from stroke compared to those who don't drink it at all.


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Before you start head to your nearest café, Professor Paul Roderick, the co-author of the study, has told the BBC they're still unsure whether it actually was coffee that resulted in those health benefits.

"Factors such as age, whether people smoked or not and how much exercise they took could all have had an effect," he said.

Prof Roderick added: "There is a balance of risks in life, and the benefits of moderate consumption of coffee seem to outweigh the risks."

The study also found that coffee could result in a lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease, depression, and Alzheimer's disease. However, one of the negative things associated with the energy boosting beverage is that pregnant women should avoid having more than two cups, as it can increase the risk of a miscarriage.

There's about 100mg of caffeine inside every cup of standard instant coffee. So you could spread your three to four cups out over the day to get the potential health benefits, or you could just do it in one hit with Britain's strongest coffee.

Strongest coffee
Strongest coffee

Credit: Sons of Amazon

Sons of Amazon co-founder Eric Witham says not only is his coffee profoundly strong (440mg of caffeine in each standard cup), it's also ethically sourced. The secret to the incredibly high caffeine is all to do with the roasting process, but the company insists that no chemicals are used to increase the energy-boosting substance.

Eric tells LADbible: "It's a natural release process in our roasting technique which we developed and perfected. It's a simple selection of beans from our farms, which are grown to our specifications. We tested dozens of beans from various plantations before we settled on two farms."

The University of Southampton found that even drinking up to seven cups of coffee a day still had up to a 10 percent reduced chance of death compared to those who drink no coffee. So, if you needed another reason to get another cuppa in, here it is.

Sources: BBC, Telegraph

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