Passengers Get Battered By High Winds On Cruise Ship... And Keep Drinking Wine

Taking a nice cruise always sounds like a good laugh, although it's natural to be a bit worried that it's all going to end in tears. We've all seen Titanic, after all.


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That's what some passengers feared as they were forced to hold tight onto their tables - and their drinks - as their cruise ship was pummelled by 115mph (100 knot) gusty winds. Not what you want when you're having your dinner.

Footage filmed by a passenger aboard the P&O cruise ship Ventura shows the impact in the dining room when the vessel was rocked by a storm, with guests gasping as crockery and serving trays crashed to the floor.

One worker on board the ship is even shown clinging to a colleague in an attempt not to topple over in the incident, which took place in the Bay of Biscay along the western coast of France on 10 December.

To their credit, two guests didn't seem too fazed as one took a sip from her wine glass while the man filming the scene just raised his and laughed, determined to enjoy the moment. Go on, LAD.

Credit: Newsflare/vchampion
Credit: Newsflare/vchampion

According to the man, some elderly guests were even chucked to the floor by the impact of the gusts. He even admitted that, despite his bravado, he was actually a bit scared the 956 ft ship might capsize.

"Seated passengers' chairs toppled over spilling elderly passengers onto the floor," the man wrote as he uploaded the footage online.

"The listing was such, and becoming slowly worse, that I began to fear the ship may actually go over."

About half an hour later, the ship's bridge confirmed that the Ventura - which can hold 3,078 guests and 1,205 staff - had been hit on the side by a '100-knot wind squall', with staff turning the ship into the wind to compensate.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

A spokesperson for P&O Cruises confirmed that the ship was crossing the Bay of Biscay in poor weather before a sudden gust of wind increased the wind to 100 knots.

The spokesperson confirmed that the ship altered course when the wind struck but insisted the company would 'never' compromise the safety of its guests or crew.

'On occasion it is unfortunately necessary to sail in conditions which are less than ideal and if this occurs then we will do all we can to minimise the impact of the weather," the spokesperson said.

"'The sea and weather are dynamic forces and any decisions taken are in compliance with company, flag and international regulations as well as in the observance of safe and good seamanship."

In any case, glad to see the bad weather didn't put people off enjoying their glass of red.

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