Samsung Dating Platform Lets You Choose Suitor Based On What's In Their Fridge

Dating has evolved enormously down the years. Pretty much all of our parents/grandparents met at the disco/ballroom; nowadays, the world is strewn with Tinder babies, and there are all kinds of obscure apps and platforms to help you find your perfect match.

But just how long will it be until we, the human race, celebrate the marriage of a couple who met 'Refrigerdating'?

Yes, that is now a thing - and it might not be as daft as it sounds.

The concept was dreamt up by Samsung and is basically the same as Tinder, except you judge people based on what's inside their fridge, rather than how they look on holiday or with a rabbit filter over their face.

The company explained the premise as follows: "Refrigerdating is a service that helps you to find love based on the content of your fridge. By uploading an image of your food, you can get in contact with others who have realised that you are what you eat!

"How it works: It's the inside (of your fridge) that counts. Simply upload an image and let the world know what kind of person you are. Refrigerdating will then hook you up with a variation of fridges, of different tastes, to pick and choose from."

If you're a vegetarian, this might be the Refrigerdating match of your dreams. Credit: PA
If you're a vegetarian, this might be the Refrigerdating match of your dreams. Credit: PA

On the surface, it just seems like somebody in the Samsung marketing department realised that refrigerating and dating rhyme, and just went from there. But it might not actually be such a bad idea.

Naked Attraction - the programme where people bare all on national telly before their first date - has proven extremely popular. Refrigerdating is like that, except for people who are more bothered about the content than the size of their partner's lunchbox.

No doubt there are countless people across the globe who wish the dating platform had been around before they fell madly in love with someone who later turned out to be gluten-lactose-wheat-intolerant, or simply allergic to ordering something off a menu without requesting amendments.


Plus, opening the door of someone's fridge is as close as you can get to opening a window to someone's soul, so Refrigerdating could definitely help you steer clear of undesirables:

- Super organised fridge = strict bedtime, not much fun on weekends

- Sticky chutney jars = probably don't wash their hands

- Mouldy cucumber = probably have an STI

- Severed head = serial killer (though it seems everyone swipes right for those these days)

Can of Carlsberg, frozen turkey and a dollop of salad cream - surely the Refrigerdating equivalent of a dick pic. Credit: PA
Can of Carlsberg, frozen turkey and a dollop of salad cream - surely the Refrigerdating equivalent of a dick pic. Credit: PA

Predictably, the ingenious idea is being used to plug a super fancy and expensive fridge, but you don't need to have said fancy fridge to sign up for Refrigerdating.

For this field of dating, in which everyone is a novice, Samsung has a few tips to ensure a successful experience: "Don't go styling your fridge now! If this is to work, it needs to be the real thing. Cheating and relationships don't go together well.

"Don't narrow it down to fridges looking just like yours. Remember it's the unexpected mixes that make the three star restaurants."

But you might want to take this advice with a pinch of salt, as the following opening gambit is also used as an example: "A good icebreaker is to send a personal message that reveals something about yourself and at the same time try to compliment the other, e.g.: 'Hey, love that spicy taco sauce, makes me think of my exchange semester in Mexico.'"

Ooh, yes please, tell me about your exchange semester in Mexico... or maybe not. They're getting the fridge door slammed shut on them for sure.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Jake Massey

Jake Massey is a journalist at LADbible. He graduated from Newcastle University before going to live in Australia and New Zealand for a few years, where he wrote a travel blog. He has previously written for the Eastern Daily Press, Giggle Beats, CALM and Front Magazine. Jake enjoys playing football, listening to music and writing about himself in the third person.

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