Ways To Open A Beer Without A Bottle Opener

It's a bank holiday, we get it - you want a drink. Mr Sunshine has decided to make an appearance, this is wonderful. WE ALL WANT A BEER.

Usually, this would be absolutely no problem at all, particularly if you were in a pub or a bar. But what if you've decided to go to the park and picked up some bottles from the shop? Sounds like a solid plan - but wait. There's no bottle opener, because people never think about things like that.

Here's what to do if you've not got a bottle opener. Credit: PA
Here's what to do if you've not got a bottle opener. Credit: PA

So, unless you're an absolute LAD and carry a bottle opener on your keys, or you're a ruthless bastard who doesn't care about your pearly whites (or dental bills), please read on because this is going to come in handy.

First off, if you don't have in your possession the most important thing that comes hand in hand with drinking bottled beer... maybe you will have more luck with a spoon.

A spoon? Why would you need a spoon, you may ask? As professional bartender Moe Harris explains, simply position the edge of the spoon underneath the cap and place your finger in between the bottle and spoon.

Then push downwards on the spoon and the cap will (hopefully) come off, no problem. Top tip is to rotate the bottle - snazzy.

What about paper? Yep, a sheet of paper. A single sheet of paper. Folded and folded again and again will give you enough leverage to get a cap off as well, would you believe.

Similar to the spoon trick, you just just wedge the paper beneath the cap, forcing it upwards and away from your bottle.


Next up is the trusty old high heel. Maybe best to use a pair that you're not bothered about scuffing up because you're going to need to pry the top off using the heel itself.

If you point the toe of the shoe to the ceiling and position the end of the heel under the bottle's cap pushing up, you'll be able to finally crack open the beverage.

You can use a high heel to break into a bottle. Credit: Tipsy Bartender/YouTube
You can use a high heel to break into a bottle. Credit: Tipsy Bartender/YouTube

Alternatively, and maybe my favourite of them all - grab another beer. This will enable you to use the beer caps against themselves to pop the cap of the bottle you want to open.

Your desired beer will be the one that is upright - you can turn the other upside down and apply upward pressure, and Bob's your uncle.

You can also use an iPhone... yes, an iPhone to open a hard, glass bottle of beer. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, doesn't it?

Don't worry though, we're not telling you to ruin a new smartphone. An iPhone 5S or older model will do - so maybe start carrying your current phone and your old one as well. Because that makes sense, doesn't it?

You can also use a newspaper (probably similarly to a sheet of paper, surprise surprise) and my personal favourite has to be a kitchen counter top - my mum doesn't agree though.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd is a Journalist at LADbible. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a First Class BA in Journalism. Becky previously worked as Chief Reporter at Cavendish Press, supplying news and feature stories to national newspapers and women's magazines.

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