Australia is home to many terrifying things. Massive spiders (yes), mutant kangaroos (maybe), the inexplicably handsome Hemsworth clan (most definitely).

But the country that gave us Vegemite, Tim Cahill, Crocodile Dundee and other stereotypes is back with a bit of a vengeance, it seems.

Footage from a Facebook user has spread across the web (like a spider's web, if you will) quicker than an Aussie wildfire. Take a look for yourself.

Credit: Viral Hog

What the actual fucking fuck!? That's one of the most disgusting things we've ever seen. What are those tendrils? What the hell is that pink thing? It looks like what would happen if Predator had a lovechild with (or married, settled and decided to have children with) Medusa. It's put us off our food, for sure.

Creatonotos gangis

Credit: Viral Hog

After the release of the footage, people were quick to take to social media to voice their fear/displeasure/agony, with one user saying: "I'd burn down the house if I saw this."

Somehow, we don't think that would do the trick. Whatever corner of hell this thing came from, it's going to take a lot more than flames to send it back - largely because hell is full of fire (if rumours are to be believed) so it's probably immune anyway.

Creatonotos gangis insect

Credit: Viral Hog

It doesn't actually look that bad there, but knowing what it can do when angry is presumably enough to make us never want to go anywhere near it. The creature is actually a moth found in northern Australia, including the Northern Territory, Western Australia and parts of Queensland stretching as far south as Mackay. Its real name is Creatonotos gangis, but to us? Demon moth!

Words: Ronan O'Shea

Claire Reid

Claire Reid is a journalist at LADbible. Claire graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in journalism. She’s previously worked at Trinity Mirror. Since joining LADbible, Claire has worked on pieces for the UOKM8? mental health campaign, the Yemen crisis, life in the Calais Jungle as well as a profile of a man who is turning himself into a cyborg.

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