​Air Hostess Filmed Tucking Into Passenger Meals Given Reality Check

Nobody really likes aeroplane food. It's always the same sort of multi-coloured mush wherever you go and whatever it's supposed to be. Right?

Well, apparently not. Video footage has emerged proving that one Chinese airline hostess enjoys it so much that she decided to do a taste test and eat a load of it from different passenger's plates.


Credit: AsiaWire

The footage shows the unnamed hostess, who works for Chinese airline Urumqi Air, holding a spoon and eating food from different open containers in the cabin of the plane.

During the video, it looks as if she knows that she is being filmed, but seems not to care at all despite being busted breaking her company rules.

The airline, based in North-West China, has suspended her immediately and has ordered a full investigation into her bizarre behaviour.

Flight Attendent
Flight Attendent

Credit: AsiaWire

Urumqi Air released a statement on social media in which it apologised, saying that she had been grounded immediately until the company gets to the bottom of it.

It also said that the food seen being eaten was not food that was to be served to the passengers, but was instead food that was leftover.

However, the company rules state that she should have disposed of any leftover meals rather than tucking in, which seems a bit of a waste.

Some people on the internet think that the airline has been a bit harsh on her, especially as the meals weren't going to be given to passengers and were probably going to go uneaten anyway.

Flight Attendent
Flight Attendent

Credit: AsiaWire

One user wrote: "Since the meals are extras and will be thrown away, what's the problem with her eating it? The one who sneaked the video is the psycho."

Others have defended the airline's action, saying that, basically, rules are rules.

One said: "Although this is not a serious incident, the flight attendant should at least follow the rules given out by the company. Otherwise, how can the company guarantee their customers a satisfied service?"

Earlier today, the airline released a second statement that suggests that the woman may have filmed herself eating the food, which seems like a daft thing to do in hindsight.

It says she ate the food 'for entertaining purposes' - though quite what entertainment she was looking to get from eating 15 boxes of aeroplane food is anyone's guess. Different strokes for different folks, though, eh?

The statement also said that the food was to be recycled and that the hostess was not following its hygiene and safety protocol.

Words: Mike Wood

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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