Aussie Catholic School Forced To Cordon Off New Eyebrow-Raising Statue

A religious statue unveiled at a school last week in Australia has been raising eyebrows and forcing staff to cordon it off.

The school clearly hadn't thought the seemingly innocent statue through - and you'll soon see why.

The statue is of St Martin de Porres passing a loaf of bread down to a young child, who is kneeling at his feet. We've never seen such a badly judged placement of a loaf of bread.

You couldn't make this shit up.

Blackfriars Priory School, a Catholic school in Adelaide, had decided to commission a statue of St Martin de Porres, a Dominican brother known for helping the down and out of the 16th century. What a LAD.

After the outrage, the school initially covered the statue up with a black cloth, only to later completely cordon it off. Now just the very top of St Martin de Porres'head can be seen from behind the screen.

The principal of the school, Simon Cobiac, later apologised for "any concerns and publicity generated by this matter".

He also said that a local artist has been commissioned to redesign the statue, which was originally produced by a sculptor in Vietnam and had been approved by the school way back in May.

After being shared on Instagram profile @shitadelaide, the image quickly went viral. Then, the internet being the internet, it was only a matter of time before people took to Photoshop to 'improve' the picture.

How that got past approval stages so easily is anyone's guess, though Cobiac suggests it wasn't until the 2D drawings came to life that they realised their mistake.

"The two-dimensional concept plans for the statue were viewed and approved by the executive team in May," he said. "But upon arrival the three-dimensional statue was deemed by the executive to be potentially suggestive."

That's some serious potential.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman is a journalist who graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film Studies, English Language and Literature, and has previously worked for Time Out and The Skinny among others.

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