British Public Won't Get A Say On What Brexit Option MPs Choose

Politicians have voted down four possible options for Brexit, again, leaving no clear way forward to leaving the European Union.

The options were staying in the customs union, having a new look Common Market, allowing the public to have a referendum on MPs final choice and Parliamentary Supremacy which would've have called for a delay on Brexit or scrapping it altogether if the EU didn't grant the extension.

The customs union option was the closest to getting a win, with 276 against and 273 for.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

While the debate happening in the House of Commons was very serious, the conversation was steered a bit left of field when topless protestors stood up.

They had 'climate action, justice now' written in black paint on their bodies.

The 12 protestors were from the group Extinction Rebellion, a socio-political group aimed at raising awareness of the environment and the earth's health.

Credit: James Heappey MP/Twitter
Credit: James Heappey MP/Twitter

The Mirror reports some of people had superglued their hands to the glass that's designed to prevent the public from throwing anything at politicians.

It was installed after a man hurled purple powder at Tony Blair.

Activist Mark Øvland, 35, released a statement during the protest which said: "By undressing in parliament, we are putting ourselves in an incredibly vulnerable position, highlighting the vulnerability that all of us share in the face of environmental and societal breakdown.

"There is an elephant in the room and it is demanding attention."

Tonight's vote has resulted in MP Nick Bowles quitting the Conservative Party over the handling of the Brexit situation.

He wrote on Twitter: "I am resigning the Conservative whip with immediate effect. The Conservative Party has shown itself to be incapable of compromise so I will sit as an Independent Progressive Conservative."

According to the Daily Mail, the vote has caused the Pound to dramatically drop against the Euro, losing 0.5 percent.

It now gives MPs two weeks to come up with a solution otherwise the UK will have a hard Brexit.

Tonight's vote follows a similar one last week where politicians voted down eight potential options for leaving the EU.

The options included a no deal, the so-called Common Market 2.0 plan, revoking Article 50 altogether, remain in the European Economic Area, a customs union, a referendum to vote on a particular plan and Labour's plan to have a 'close alignment' with the single market.

This latest move could mean Theresa May's deal, which has been voted down three times, could be approved.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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