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Could Paul Walker’s Death In A Porsche Accident Have Been Prevented?

Paul Walker died in November 2013 in a shocking car accident. Best known for his role as Brian O'Connor in The Fast And The Furious franchise, he was in a 2005 Carrera GT with his friend, Roger Rodas, when it spun out of control near Los Angeles. It hit a power pole, several trees and burst into flames, killing both of them.

Paul's daughter Meadow Walker is suing Porsche on the grounds of "wrongful death" - she thinks there's a lot of sketchy things going on over at the car company and it trying to get to the bottom of it.

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She's claims she and her lawyer have proof that Porsche allegedly covered up damaging information in emails and documents about how dangerous their Carrera GTs were.

In one statement, she claims a car manager says that 200 of the 1,280 Carrera GTs produced worldwide were "totalled" in the first two years.

She says Porsche has "improperly redacted" in her wrongful death campaign.

According to her, Porsche knew it was a "dangerous" car but didn't warn customers and the emails from a manager appear callous about the car crashes and potential deaths the Carrera GT caused.

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She states that the email reads: "I thought this might interest you. Another Carrera GT bites the dust as a bodyshop mechanic who claimed he was going less than 30MPH smashed into a telephone pole. Looks like he was going more than 30 to me!!!I Was curious about a statistic that was mentioned to me and if anyone knows if it is accurate. Total worldwide production of the Carrera GT was 1280 and to date over 200 of them were already totalled."

Meadows says that the same manager was gleeful about the crashes: "This would be great news to the remaining owners as the GT becomes more rare. Anyone know if these numbers are accurate?" she claims he continued in the email.

Porsche has always claimed that the crash was due to reckless driving and excessive speeding.

Words Laura Hamilton

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