Driver Reverses Into Maserati, BMW And Audi Getting Out Of Parking Space

We've all been there (don't even deny it) - you either parked a bit dodgy and struggled to right your wrongs or you've parked perfectly fine and your neighbour decides to mess everything up.

It's sometimes a close call but you usually manage to get yourself out safe and sound - even if you do wonder if it'd be easier to take the wing mirror of the car next to your clean off...

Or maybe you're on the other side of the nightmare, the driver who returns to find their vehicle scraped, bumped and bruised - like these guys did after a fellow road user decided to take out anything in their path in an attempt to get out of the bay they'd found themselves jammed in to.

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

And, rather unluckily, the cars in question weren't your casual 2006 Ford Ka - oh no, these were a Maserati, BMW and an Audi. Course they were.

A CCTV camera in an underground car park in Hangzho, China, captured the rather intense struggle on October 16, which ended with the driver calmly driving off like nothing had happened.

How pissed off would you be if this was your car though?

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

In the footage, the driver appears to be in a Chinese-made Roewe saloon while struggling to reverse out of a parking spot next to a blue Maserati.

During the painful struggle, lasting minutes, the driver gets out to figure out the situation and inspect the angles a number of times but still fails to successfully reverse out.

It's sort of like watching a snooker tournament unfold. Apart from you do your best not to hit your components property...

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

At one point, a group walk past the car and appear to point out that it's close to nicking the Maserati. But, helpful as ever, they simply continued walking away...

Fast forward a few more minutes and the motorist somehow manages to crash into both the Maserati and the white car on the other side more than once. Well if you're going to commit to it you might as well go all out, right?

The fed-up driver finally decides to force their way out of the parking spot after some five minutes of struggling, with the video showing the car slowly crashing into the front of a parked Audi across the aisle.

After realising the blunder, the motorist slams on the brakes and drives forwards - only to reverse a second time into the Audi and the BMW next to it while performing a three-point turn. Oh Jesus, someone make it stop.

The clip ends with the driver casually leaving the car park like nothing ever happened.

Reports say that the case is still being dealt with leading to presumptions that the police have been involved.

On social media, one user wrote: "The most incredible part is when she drives away, leading the wreckage in her wake."

Featured Image Credit: Asia Wire

Rebecca Shepherd

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