Drone Footage Shows Intact House Surrounded By Total Devastation From Tornado

A drone has managed to capture some incredible footage of a house standing strong amid a forest of trees completely flattened by tornadoes.

Matt Gillespie was staying with his parents when he flew his drone over the towns of Ellersie and Waverly Hall, Georgia, on 4 March to film the destruction of the recent Alabama and Georgia tornadoes.

He spotted the two-storey house in the middle of a ravaged stretch of forest, which looked perfectly intact despite the destruction around it.

The trees surrounding the home, meanwhile, had been uprooted - suggesting the tornado had passed right over the house but left it miraculously intact.

Amazingly, Gillespie said the residents of the house were left unharmed.

He explained: "The residents of the house are OK.

"I don't know how many houses in total were messed up, but on that road there were at least eight that were affected.

"My parents experienced the tornadoes - my dad is in the military and he said he'd never been that scared in his life."

The trees around the home had all been uprooted. Credit: StoryTrender/Matt Gillespie
The trees around the home had all been uprooted. Credit: StoryTrender/Matt Gillespie

Posting the footage to Facebook, Gillespie said his parents' house was fine 'except for all the downed trees, a missing chicken coop, and debris'.

"Lots of cleanup in store," he added.

Someone commented on Gillespie's original YouTube video to say it was their super-resistant house his drone had captured in the forest.

Thanking him for posting the jaw-dropping footage, they wrote: "The community really pulled together to get our long driveway cleared so we were not trapped in.

"A lot of hard work and people were just pulling over to help out. Heartwarming to have neighbours, friends, strangers and soldiers all come together to get us out quick! Much love to all!"

They added: "Another nice thing about the whole situation is how many neighbours we have met for the first time through this whole ordeal. We have a great little neighbourhood up here with such nice people!"

The path of destruction. Credit: StoryTrender/Matt Gillespie
The path of destruction. Credit: StoryTrender/Matt Gillespie

The powerful weather events have recently swept southern parts of the United States, with the Alabama tornadoes on 3 March killing 23 people - 10 of whom were from the same family.

"It really hasn't fully hit me yet. I'm still trying to process it," said Cordarrly Jones, one of the survivors from the family.

Demetria Jones, another member of the family, also said: "Everybody in this area just about was related."

She added: "It's devastating."

Featured Image Credit: Storytrender/Matt Gillespie

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman is a journalist who graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film Studies, English Language and Literature, and has previously worked for Time Out and The Skinny among others.

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