'Eco Friendly' Drug Dealer Sells Cocaine In Reusable Plastic Vials

Here's one straight out of left field - a drug dealer has reportedly started giving away their products in resealable containers that can be brought back and refilled because it is better for the environment.

Now, drug dealers are not ordinarily painted as environmental pioneers. In fact, you're more likely to get your drugs in a tiny plastic bag, wrapped up in a train ticket, or in a bit of a carrier bag with a burnt end (or so I'm told...).

However, one report in The Metro suggests that at least one cocaine dealer has decided to take a more eco-friendly approach to supplying Class A drugs to the masses.

This doesn't look very environmentally friendly. Credit: PA
This doesn't look very environmentally friendly. Credit: PA

A cocaine user from Birmingham told The Metro: "I was given a gram of cocaine in this plastic pod thing and my dealer said they were not serving up in plastic Ziploc bags or wraps any more. He said that I could bring it back if I wanted to and he would refill it and that it would be better for the environment.

"I thought he was joking but he was serious, he reckoned they used so many plastic baggies and paper and a reusable container would be easier than wrapping up individual wraps.

"I told him I was not bothered about the environment and surely cocaine itself can't be that be eco-friendly, but he reckoned he had a load of hipster customers and they loved it."

Containers similar to this are allegedly being used by cocaine dealers. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Fotoedukacji
Containers similar to this are allegedly being used by cocaine dealers. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Fotoedukacji

Fair enough. You've got to make small changes to make big changes in the world.

Unfortunately, this - admittedly admirable - effort of one drug dealer to clean up the planet is not going to change the overall environmental effect of the cocaine industry on the world.

Pissing in the wind doesn't quite cover it.

The growth and production of the drug is responsible for massive amounts of deforestation in the South American country of Colombia, according to a 2011 study by the University of New York.

Ecologist Liliana M. Dávalos confirmed: "In southern Colombia we found geographically that there is just more probability of losing the forest close to coca cultivation."And the more coca around you, the more forest you're likely to lose, the sheer amount of coca in the vicinity has an effect."

It's abundantly clear that a few grams being sold in refillable receptacles aren't going to turn that particular tide, anyway.

Sadly, that shows no sign of abating, either.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

In the UK in 2017/18 there were 875,000 cocaine users in England and Wales, according to a crime survey. That's the highest numbers for 10 years.

If we really want to save the environment, it doesn't seem like it matters what you buy your cocaine in - it's that you buy it in the first place that is the problem.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Tom Wood

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