The Ginger Emoji Is Available On iPhone For The First Time From Today

Gingers - the day you have been waiting for has come, at long last.

No longer will you have to send a selfie when you're not quite in the mood, because now you can send a ginger emoji instead, and just pretend it is you.

The fiery-haired emoji is one of more than 70 new avatars now available on iOS 12.1. Bald, grey and curly haired people can also now rejoice. However, a curly haired ginger bald emoji is still not available.

Maybe one day.

Credit: Emojipedia
Credit: Emojipedia

The new emojis were announced on World Emoji Day (yes, that is a thing) and are now available for the first time on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

iOS 12.1 also brings with it a new group FaceTime call feature, camera depth control and dual SIM support - but who cares about all that actually useful shit?

What you really want is a bagel emoji. Amirite?

While gingers will no doubt be wildly celebrating their emoji emancipation across the globe, many will be more excited by some of the less headline-grabbing additions.

Lobster, peacock and mango emojis are some of the more understated but incredibly exciting new characters now available to Apple device owners.

For all those times you're eating tropical fruit at he zoo/aquarium.

There is also a new 'pleading' emoji, which could make all the difference when you're messaging your mum at the supermarket, desperately trying to convince her to buy more Ribena.

"Please buy more Ribena mum - you know I drink it like it's water!"

"No way, I just bought you some last week."

"Pleeeease mum, you know I love it oh so much."

"Nooo it's bloody expensive, I will get you some of their basic blackcurrant squash."

"No way mum that shit is vile and you know it is, it has to be Ribena or don't even bother."

"You're like 34 - when are you going to move out and buy your own Ribena?"

"Pleeeeease just get it mum. Pleeeeease *plead face emoji* *lobster* *peacock* *lobster* lobster*"

"... Fine"

Other exciting new emojis you can use to your own advantage include a lettuce, moon cake, llama and a bagel.

Announcing the new emojis on their website, Apple said: "Emoji are used by people all over the world to communicate and iOS 12.1 brings even more characters to the keyboard that better represent global users, including new emoji for moon cake, red gift envelope and nazar amulet.

"Sports fans will celebrate the addition of new emoji for softball and lacrosse, while outdoor adventurers will enjoy new characters for luggage, compass and a hiking boot.

"Beautifully designed characters for the llama, mosquito, kangaroo and lobster, and new food emoji, including a bagel, salt, cupcake, leafy greens and mango, are now available."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

'Beautifully designed' llamas - now that is what the people want. Who cares about chargers that you can use for different devices when you've got beautifully designed llamas?

Featured Image Credit: PA

Jake Massey

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