​Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing Wife By Using Mortar Bomb As Sex Toy

A woman has died after her husband reportedly used a 2.4 inch wide mortar bomb as a sex toy while he was drunk.

According to <span class="NormalTextRun SCXW148846018" "="">The Mirror, the husband, Ruben Valera Cornejo, has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of murder.

He allegedly told police that he had been so drunk that he couldn't remember much about the sexual activity with his wife at their home in Arequipa, Peru.

He said that he did recall his wife asking him to use objects from around the home as sex toys, but added the fell asleep shortly afterwards.

Credit: CEN/Panamericana
Credit: CEN/Panamericana

He claims that he only realised what had happened to his wife when he woke up and found her unresponsive.

The Mirror reports that Cornejo is thought to have used mortar - which is believed to have been in their home merely as an ornament - as a sex toy on his wife, when they returned from a heavy drinking session.

Arequipa police chief Javier Arana, who is one of the officers investigating the case, said that the mortar measured around 16 inches long and 2.4 inches wide.

Credit: CEN/Panamericana
Credit: CEN/Panamericana

Police officers also reported that they found the mortar with blood stains and pubic hair on it, and that it was discovered in a handbag among other sex toys.

Arana also added: "Painkillers were also found and it is believed they were used to
 control the pain."

Cornejo has apparently now been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The father of his wife, Washington Llerena, said his son-in-law 'should be jailed for what he did with my daughter'.

Llerena also said: "I will keep fighting until the end."

This isn't the only recent incident involving people inserting everyday objects where they shouldn't.

A Taiwanese man was recently rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after inserting a seven-inch sex toy so far down his penis that it became lodged in his bladder.

Credit: AsiaWire
Credit: AsiaWire

The man - who perhaps unsurprisingly wishes to remain anonymous - told doctors at the hospital that he was engaging in urethral play when the sex toy became stuck in his bladder.

When doctors from the hospital in Kaohsiung took a look to see what they could find, they produced a giant black pleasure stick with enlarged bits up and down the length of it.

The man became worried when he started noticing blood in his urine, but eventually after seeking medical help doctors managed to remove the item with a cystoscopy.

Featured Image Credit: CEN/Panamericana

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