Man Finds His Wallet From 1985 And The Contents Show A Look Into His Life Back Then

It's amazing what you can find when browsing through some old stuff - one man found a window to his life back in the wondrous time of the 1980's with a wallet he found hidden away in an old jacket.

The man, known on Reddit as PatrickMitchellPhoto, posted a snap of his findings online and people have been loving the nostalgia of it all.

In the picture you can see the man's old school ID, pictures of friends, a football ticket, three $1 bills and even a note from a girl.

He posted: "Found my wallet from 1985 in an old jacket. Snapshot of a teenage boy's life in the 80s."

Adding: "Was going to use a throw away for privacy but then realised I'm not a very private person."

A look at a teen's life in the 80s. Credit: PatrickMitchellPhoto
A look at a teen's life in the 80s. Credit: PatrickMitchellPhoto

From the picture its clear the guy when to an American high school called St. Pius, in Albuquerque, which he cleared up in a comment where he explained that he graduated from in 1988.

The picture has now received thousands of comments, many of them asking for an explanation to the bits and pieces found in the wallet.

Of course, people wanted to know who the women were in the picture - turns out the girl in pink is his sister and the other was a friend of his at school.

The name 'Yvonne' can be seen jotted down and, as it would happen, she was pretty special to him.

In a comment he said: "Yvonne is the girl I went to Homecoming. Literally just a snapshot of life in 1985."

A look at the 80s. Credit: PatrickMitchellPhoto
A look at the 80s. Credit: PatrickMitchellPhoto

One comment that frequently appeared was asking about the possible 'love letter' found in the bottom right of the picture.

One person tried to guess what it said: "We need the rest of the letter. My Guess: 'I don't know maybe we just should get to know each other better before anything gets to serious'."

The man did reply with: "Hit the nail on the head. Can't find the letter. Took this photo a couple weeks ago."

Another desperately wanted to know if it was a love note, but apparently it was the poor guy getting put in the 'friend zone'.

He said: "Not a love note. Putting me in the friend zone."


A look at the 80s. Credit: PatrickMitchellPhoto
A look at the 80s. Credit: PatrickMitchellPhoto

Of course, there was a few comments on the hairstyles and what he might've been wearing in his photo - rocking the height of mid-80s fashion, or as he commented 'tweed with leather patches on the elbows...true story'.

Then there were a few people telling him to keep hold of the one dollar bills as they could be of some value eventually, but this seemed to baffle the wallet owner.

"I'm surprised at the number of people interested in the artefacts and not just that I had only $3 in my wallet," he noted.

It's amazing the things that can be found tucked away and what kind of stories they can tell.

Featured Image Credit: PatrickMitchellPhoto

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