Martyn Ford Drinks Eddie Hall's Sweat, For Some Reason

What do you do when your best mate approaches you with a cup of mysterious grey fluid and asks you to drink it, while filming you on his phone?

Ask him what the fluid is? Or just immediately tell him to fuck off because he is blatantly trying to stitch you up? Well, turns out if you are Martyn Ford you just guzzle that shit down and ask questions later.

Credit: Instagram/martynfordofficial
Credit: Instagram/martynfordofficial

In a video posted on the 6ft 8in, 18.9 stone brickshithouse's Instagram, his 'best pal' Eddie Hall wrings out his sweat drenched top into a plastic cup after a 'session and a half'. Indeed, it does seem to have been quite the sesh, with sweat absolutely pissing out of his t-shirt and into the cup (and also all over the work surface).

Hall then proceeds to carry it over to Ford who, predictably, is busy pumping iron. Hall then encourages to Ford to 'have a sip' of the 'new product', and he duly obliges, swallowing it down with a grimace and a gasp.

"What does it taste like?" Hall asks.

"Like piss," Ford replies.

Credit: Instagram/martynfordofficial
Credit: Instagram/martynfordofficial

So what do you do now? Scold yourself for falling for the prank? Throw the cup in your tricksy mate's face? Well, turns out if you're Martyn Ford then you finish it off when asked - still without any questions asked.

But it seems having willingly walked into the sweaty trap, 'The Nightmare' Ford is now plotting his revenge.

Writing on Instagram, he said: "So!!!! Some stupid nob head (AKA my best pal ) decides to play funny dick 'Again'!!!!!

"Now, I know there's some weird ass people in this world that like to drink piss and eat shit, but call me old fashioned .... id prefer a Lilt over @eddiehallwsm sweat any day!!!

"Looks like it's going to be an interesting week of training ahead!!! Comment below for some payback ideas please!!! This nob head getting it!!! Haha time to make WSM cry like a baby"

Oh dear Eddie; the prospect of Martyn Ford seeking 'payback' against you really does sound like a nightmare.

Who knows what delightful video we have to look forward to next; perhaps Ford will offer Hall a bite of a new brown protein bar with sweetcorn chunks.

Ford has recently been added to the 2019 line-up for Polish MMA organisation Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki. But he hasn't always been such a monster, having originally aspired to be a cricket player. An injury derailed this dream and he subsequently underwent a remarkable body transformation.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/martynfordofficial

Jake Massey

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