Person Messaged By Random Woman Claiming She's Cheating With Her Boyfriend

Every now and again you might get a text or call from a random number, with some poor sod at the other end assuming they're chatting away to 'Jill' or 'David'.

But usually that can be settled with a simple 'Sorry love, think you've got the wrong person!', before everyone has a good giggle and goes on with their day.

But one person didn't have the awkward-but-polite exchange we're all used to from random contacts - quite the opposite.

Screenshots from a conversation between two unknown people were shared on Twitter by someone who wrote: "Sometimes I think I should delete Facebook but then I come across content like this. Please read this."

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

The screenshots show how one person was messaged by a mystery woman on Instagram, who launched into an interrogation regarding her boyfriend. A poorly-spelt interrogation, we might add, but to keep things authentic to her sentiment we won't try correcting anything - so good luck.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

"He likes all ur pics? Why would he do that if u didn't speak to him?" ol' mystery woman asked the person.

"He's my boyfriend can u not get ur own."

The other person replied to say she didn't know who her boyfriend was, explaining she had no control over who liked her pictures on social media. A fair point, to be honest.

But that didn't seem to appease the other woman, who continued: "Wearing makeup and skirts for everyone's and skirts for everyone's boyfriends to see. Why would I ask my boyfriend for? When it's ur fault for doing it on insta not bein funny but if I seen someone wiv a skirt I would luck so obvs he is."

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

The accused calmly replied to say she didn't know who the woman's boyfriend was, and said she was clearly 'very insecure'.

But the woman hit back saying: "My boyfriend calls me insecure so clearly you've got that from him ur fucking rude u stupid c***. I'll fuck you up u think I'm messin mate??? Do you coz I swear if he likes anova fucking picture off ur stupid fucking profile I'll go fucking ham.

"Didn't want an argument my boyfriends cheated on me in the past an fort u was the side thing."

Then the other person fired back with some sage advice, telling the jealous girlfriend not to stoop to her boyfriend's level, saying: "If you don't trust him then end it."

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

It seemed as though the wise words had worked on the woman, who, in a weird twist, went on to say:

"I know what you mean now my minds at ease. Thank you.

"But do you think I should break up with him?"

Saying what we are now all thinking, the other person said that they personally would - to which the woman replied: "Fucking new u wanted him you whore reverse sicology getting in my head ur not havin him."

Social media apps. Credit: PA
Social media apps. Credit: PA

The screenshots have gone viral on Twitter, where everyone's saying the same thing.

One person tweeted: "The most shocking thing in all of this is the grammar #sicology."

Others said they'd come across similar people, with one writing: "The funny thing is some girls actually think like this and there's no way you can ever convince them."

A second said: "Omgg like...I deadass have spoken to a girl like this and all I could do was feel bad for her like...poor insecure girl, we all insecure but that's like extreme w a side of ppl feeling super bad for u... "

Blimey. What a bloody rollercoaster, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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