Australian Politicians Will Get A Decent Pay Rise From July

There's no denying that Aussie politicians work to make everyone happy. While sometimes it might not seem like they're doing a lot of work, there's a lot that happens behind closed doors.

So it's been decided that after all this hard, diligent work, they deserve a pay rise.

The Remuneration Tribunal, the body that determines how much pollies, should get paid, has decided to give them a two percent bump, with the decision to be introduced on July 1.

To give that a bit of context, it means Prime Minister Scott Morrison will get an extra $10,000 a year while backbenchers will get around $4,142 more every year.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

In addition to politicians, people working in judiciary offices, like a Federal Court judge, will also get a pay rise.

The Tribunal released a statement saying: "Wage growth has increased modestly over the past year, with reliable measures indicating private­ sector wage growth is now equalling or outpacing the public sector.

"The tribunal recognises that, in addition to the level of remunera­tion for public officeholders, there are other benefits in working in roles that are at the leading edge of delivering policy outcomes and services on a range of matters that directly benefit the public."

The move was based on statistics showing private sector wages had risen by around 2.3 percent.

Credit: ShapeThings/Creative Commons
Credit: ShapeThings/Creative Commons

People have been quick to point out that the wage change for politicians and judiciary positions will come in effect on the same day that penalty rates will be scrapped for hospitality workers across Australia.

The changes will affect around 700,000 Aussies who depend on a little extra pay for working Saturdays, Sundays and over time.

United Voice national secretary Jo-anne Schofield said in a statement: "The economy is tanking, wage growth is at historical lows but the Prime Minister and his Cabinet mates will rake in a sizeable pay rise on 1 July.

Credit: joshleerussell/Creative Commons
Credit: joshleerussell/Creative Commons

"Meanwhile retail and hospitality workers are having real difficulties putting food on the table or meeting their utility and medical bills from week to week as they face yet another round of penalty rate cuts.

"Working people need jobs that are secure and pay them fairly - not more cuts that stop them from being able to pay for life's essentials."

The Fair Work Commission announced earlier this month that the national minimum wage was to rise by three percent or $21.60 per week.

That takes the nation's lowest legal pay to $740.80 every seven days, a change that could drastically help around 2.3 million Aussies.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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