Restaurant Closed Down After 'Woman Discovers Dead Rodent In Noodles'

A restaurant in the US has been closed down after a disgusted customer said she found a dead rat in her noodles.

Deyanira Cortes shared a video on Facebook in which she lifts the sticky little rodent up from her noodles with a plastic fork, revealing what appears to be the dead animal's head, legs and tail... which is obviously really gross.

Health officials subsequently investigated Yihi Japan in Columbus, Ohio, and closed it down after discovering flies, cockroaches and sewage backing up through floor drains, according to Fox 28. No rodent activity was found on the premises though - which I suppose doesn't really come as much consolation to Deyanira, having found a dead one in her noodles.

The disgusted customer shared the video of her meal with the caption: "Please do not buy food in Yihi Japan that is inside Polaris mall.

"I bought a Teriyaki Chicken and I got a baby rat cooked with the food.

"It's disgusting. Please share so that no one buys food there, and prevent someone from getting sick."

Deyanira Cortes found what appears to be a rodent in her noodles. Credit: Facebook/Deyanira Cortes
Deyanira Cortes found what appears to be a rodent in her noodles. Credit: Facebook/Deyanira Cortes

The video has since been viewed more than 1.1 million times, with some people advising Deyanira to seek legal advice, and most people just making comments like the following: "Is there carbs or gluten in those rats?"

"I don't understand. Was it not cooked? Did they charge extra for it?"

"They didn't charge more for the extra protein? I need some of this in my life!!"

... You get the idea.

Washington Prime Group - who own the mall where the restaurant is located - said it was considering not renewing the tenant's lease.

According to WBNS, a spokesman said: "We are working closely with the Columbus Public Health Department as they investigate this incident. Washington Prime Group, the owner of Polaris Fashion Place, is currently evaluating the option of not renewing a lease with this tenant."

If you're a fan of finding unusual animals in your food, then you may enjoy dining at Indian Accent in Scotland, where they've got an aardvark pizza on the menu. However, much like with Yihi Japan, the restaurant is now being looked into by health inspectors, who seem to very much against rats and aardvarks being used as ingredients.

Alternatively, there is a company in Cape Town selling ice cream made from maggots, if that takes your fancy... Or just continue to leave aardvarks, rats and maggots out of your diet. Your choice.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Deyanira Cortes

Jake Massey

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