Russia Tests Nuclear Missile That Can Hit 'Anywhere On The Planet'

Russia is building nuclear weapons that can be used to target anywhere on the planet, as demonstrated in footage produced by the country's military.

According to a video produced by the Russian Ministry of Defence, an RS-28 missile has been test-launched that can reach anywhere in the world and can carry as many as ten nuclear warheads at a time.

The new RS-28 Sarmat missile was designed to replace the SS-18 Satan missile that was developed in the Soviet period.

The RS-28 is a liquid-fuelled, superheavy thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a capacity to reach almost anywhere on planet Earth and will boast the requisite firepower to destroy an area 'the size of Texas or France', reports the Daily Mail.

Vladimir Putin. Credit: PA
Vladimir Putin. Credit: PA

Russia also says that their new missile has the capability to carry more nuclear warheads than any other missile currently in operation. Putin already has in development the Avangard hypersonic glider at his disposal, which travels at 20 times the speed of sound and is functionally unstoppable.

Both the Avangard and the Sarmat will be available for use within the next two years, with 2020 the slated date for operation.

"The missile's uniquely cross-functional combat platform allows the use of all types of individually targeted warheads, including ones which are still on the drawing board," said Russia's Strategic Missile Forces Commander, Colonel General Sergei Karatayev, to Sputnik News, a news website linked to the Russian state.

"The new missile is able to engage long-distance targets with multiple flight trajectories as its onboard flight control system ensures pinpoint accuracy."

Credit: East2West News
Credit: East2West News

Karatayev said that the new missile "allows the use of all types of individually targeted warheads, including those still on the drawing board."

While Russia is expanding capacity to attack from the air, Karatayev also spoke last month about the growth of their naval armoury.

The Poseidon system has been in development for several years and, when complete, will give Russia a fleet of drone submarines with what is essentially a nuclear-capable torpedo.

"Unique characteristics of the Poseidon system will help the Navy to successfully combat aircraft carriers and strike groups of a potential adversary in any oceanic theatre of war and destroy shore infrastructure facilities," said Chief Analyst of the General Staff Admiral Igor Katasonov.

Credit: East2West News
Credit: East2West News

Russia's military capability has grown significantly in recent years.

During the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of the military institutions of the state were held in regions that became new, independent states, effectively stranding Russian military equipment in foreign countries.

Meanwhile, in the 1990s, Russia engaged in a devastating war in Chechnya that laid bare the failings of the military.

Now, more and more money is being invested in military hardware and software, with results currently beginning to show for the Russian state.

Featured Image Credit: East2West News

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