Sex With Micropenis Can Be Better, Explains Sex Therapist

The micropenis. It's one of god's cruellest tricks. And although it's an affliction that affects only 0.6 percent of the male population, that statistic only serves to make it even harder (no pun intended) for those who've been dealt one.

One Redditor took to r/confession to speak about his personal experience with the issue, posting: "I've read just about every single article, study, and forum post about micropenises and the consensus is that women don't get pleasure from penetrative sex at all.

"In movies, you see the two main characters get together and it's very romantic, they kiss and start to have sex, they're both moaning and loving it. It seriously breaks my heart to know that I'll never be able to give a woman that experience.

"I know that I can learn to give cunnilingus (and I've read a lot on the topic), but it's just not the same. Women talk about being "filled up" like it's the most amazing feeling in the world. It hurts to know that I can't provide that feeling.

"I've tried to kill myself before. I broke into a building and was standing on the roof about to jump, but I just couldn't do it. I stayed there for hours trying to find the balls to do it, but apparently they're small too."

In a world where porn is more readily available that ever before, it can seem as though having a dick the size of a baguette is what's required of us to satisfy our sexual partners. However, according to sex therapist, Elizabeth McGrath, it's possible to get a sterling job done, even if yours is more comparable in stature to a Tic-Tac.

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Speaking to the Daily Dot, McGrath, whose work uses clothed, non-genital touch as a form of couples' therapy, explained that it doesn't all have to revolve around penetration.

"I really practice this work and I believe in it, primarily because sex is of our bodies," McGrath said. "When it comes to sex and relationships, I believe there's only so much talking can do.

"There's humping, there's grinding, there's rubbing the penis on the labia or on the side, and then it expands into 'What kind of fun things can we do together?'.

"Look at it as an opportunity to find new things rather than focus on one way of doing it specifically."

McGrath also suggests bringing some toys into the equation to spice things up a little.

She said: "I think any augmenting toys can be fun. But more importantly, is it comfortable and does it feel good? Are you doing it because you enjoy it or is it because you feel like it makes you more normal?"

In terms of how men should reveal to a partner the fact that they have a smaller than average penis, McGrath thinks there should be no need for a warning, as it reinforces the idea that it's not normal.

She added: "For a partner responding, I would say to allow their own reaction to be there-to not feel like they have to fake it or shut it down. If they want to be physical with the person, then the best reaction is, 'I would like to know how to touch you'."

So, if you've been dealt a micropenis, it's far from the end of the world. The important thing is to have fun. Everyone is different, after all.

Words: Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: Nano Anderson

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