Spanish Waiter Charges Customer For 'Touching Their Balls' At Restaurant

A customer at a restaurant in Spain got a nasty surprise when they were 'fined' by a member of staff for 'touching the waiter's balls' during their visit.

The waiter decided she had had enough with the difficult customer and made him pay for it, charging him an extra €10 'por tocar los cojones' - a phrase used colloquially for when someone is being annoying.

And to make sure there was no confusion, the server even added the phrase to his bill, almost doubling the amount he owed from just €12.50 for a round of drinks to €22.50.

But it turns out it was all a big old joke.

The server responsible, Anka Paduriano, said it's something they do regularly with customers of the Taberna Equzki in Bermeo, and the man who was left to foot the bill was a friend of the owner.

The bill. Credit: Twitter/Taberna Equzki
The bill. Credit: Twitter/Taberna Equzki

Speaking to La Sexta, she said: "We are a bit mischievous, we like to play jokes. He has taken the photo to the ticket and has made all this viral.

"He was happy to pay the €10."

She added: "We've laughed a lot, a week has passed and we're still talking about the subject."

With summer on the horizon - just - you'll no doubt be planning your next holiday abroad. And if this cautionary tale about manners hasn't put you off the Iberian peninsula, the British Government have shared some advice of their own for tourists.

The advice given by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) covers the country's mainland, as well as islands like Ibiza and Majorca, and other countries on the continent.

Some of the advice covers the basics, like which jabs you need for the country you're visiting, other information is related to things like terrorism and no-go areas in certain countries.

The Foreign Office has given advice to holidaymakers ahead of their travels to Spain this summer. Credit: PA
The Foreign Office has given advice to holidaymakers ahead of their travels to Spain this summer. Credit: PA

With recent demonstrations across Spain, it's worth bearing in mind that unexpected violence can arise from protests, should they escalate quickly. It's best to avoid any that you come across.

Balcony falls are proving to be a problem across the Spain, with authorities advising people to be extra careful and also to look out for friends and family - especially when under the influence of drink or drugs.

Another thing to remember is that if you try to make a false claim for things like food poisoning, you can be done for fraud both in the UK and Spain - not really worth it, is it?

Happy travels.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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