Sydney Man Loses Wife And Job After Woman Falsely Accuses Him Of Indecent Assault

A man has gone through hell and back after a woman falsely accused him of indecent assault in Sydney.

Kenan Basic pulled over to help a 19-year-old woman near Bankstown after he saw she was struggling with some car troubles.

The married father spent two hours with the teenage woman, according to the Daily Mail, helping her get her car back up and running. After all the repairs were done, he followed her with his car for a short while to ensure she didn't break down again but once she seemed fine he took off.

While that sounds like your run of the mill Good Samaritan story, it seems like it went differently in the mind of the woman.

She accused him of propositioning her for sex twice because he helped her out as well as touching her breasts and genitals.

When this all happened in November last year, Mr Basic was accused of trying to rip open the woman's door after she pulled over due to her radiator overheating.

Credit: 7 News
Credit: 7 News

The teenager was on the phone to her boyfriend during the 'ordeal', getting him to ring the police while she yelled out his registration plate.

But as detectives continued to get information from the 'victim', she cracked and came clean that it was all fake. Police eventually dropped all charged against Mr Basic, however his life had already been turned upside down.

He was in prison for two weeks and has since lost his job as well as his marriage due to the now fake accusations.

Credit: Nine News
Credit: Nine News

Mr Basic's lawyer Mona El Baba told Seven News: "No-one would ever expect that as a Good Samaritan you stop to assist a broken down motorist that then you would subsequently be charged with these serious offences."

Kenan added that the whole experience has left him never wanting to help someone in distress again.

"I always help people you know, all my life, and this is the first time the snake bite me," he told local news.

The teenage woman is now facing charges of knowingly making false or misleading statement and will go through the court system as a defendant next week.

The poor guy was just trying to help someone who'd been in a car accident and he's ended up losing everything. Hopefully he gets his life back on track and doesn't suffer any more from this experience.

Featured Image Credit: Nine News

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