This Full-Size VW Campervan Made From Lego Is Absolutely Incredible

When it comes to Lego tekkers, most of us have never dared to aim particularly high. Sat on the carpet as a humble six-year-old, we'd carefully click the brightly coloured bricks together to create something we felt adequately resembled a boat or a house - only for a parent to wander over and tell us we'd made 'a lovely giraffe! Well done you!'

FFS, mum.

With Lego dreams suitably shattered at a young age, now all we can really do is watch on in awe as others do it right - like this full-size replica of a VW T2 Bulli camper van, which is, frankly, nothing short of incredible. And, yes, definitely outside of our capabilities.

This is what 400,000 Lego bricks can do. Credit: Media Drum
This is what 400,000 Lego bricks can do. Credit: Media Drum

The amazing creation was painstakingly built using 400,000 Lego bricks (I know, even if you'd wanted to try this one as a kid, you'd have never had enough materials) by Lego builder Rene Hoffmeister - one of only 12 certified LEGOmodel builders worldwide.

Hoffmeister and his colleague, Pascal Lenhard, spent six weeks straight completing the epic project, before unveiling it at the German leisure and tourism fair last week in Munich.

Rene Hoffmeister (left) and Pascal Lenhard (right). Credit: Media Drum
Rene Hoffmeister (left) and Pascal Lenhard (right). Credit: Media Drum

Images of the VW T2 Bulli van show Hoffmeister and Lenhard's exceptional attention to detail, with features including working headlights, a step for easy access and even a Lego spider making themselves at home next to the camper's kitchen unit.

Inside the van. Credit: Media Drum
Inside the van. Credit: Media Drum

There's also a toothbrush and toothpaste set in a washbag, as well as pictures hanging up on the motorhome's walls.

Check out that radio! Credit: Media Drum
Check out that radio! Credit: Media Drum

The Lego camper weighs a remarkable 1,543lbs, and even matches the dimensions of the iconc VW campervan, which was released between 1967 and 1971, and even includes the trademark Westfalia pop-up roof.

Measuring 197in long, 75in wide and 118 in tall, the creation smashed the world record for the largest Lego campervan ever constructed.

But you don't need to feel too rubbish, as Daniel Keppler - who masterminded the project - admitted the build didn't go without some issues, as the project almost came unstuck due to time restraints.

"With the help of 3D programs, the two builders created a construction plan in advance, from which the exact quantity of bricks required was calculated," explained Daniel Keppler, who masterminded the project.

"The stiffness of the side walls and windows was decisive in order to guarantee stability later.

"The first brick was set quickly, and the start went without a hitch.

"However, around three weeks into the project 20,000 transparent bricks for the windows of the Bulli were missing and all constructions were stopped for a short time.

The Lego van with a real VW camper. Credit: Media Drum
The Lego van with a real VW camper. Credit: Media Drum

"In spite of the exact pre-planning the two model builders got into time stress, so that the missing time could only be made up by night shifts and weekend work.

"For the model builders, this meant 'playing' with LEGO bricks from morning to night and on weekends. The effort was worth it.

"In the end, the LEGO camper van was on time.

"The details of the camper van are mind blowing. Even the refrigerator is filled with things of daily camper life - of course made of LEGO."

It's okay, that boat you made in 1996 was cool, too.

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum

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