​Tomorrow Is National No Bra Day For Breast Cancer Awareness

There are LOADS of national days in our global calendar now, with everything from National Walk Around Things Day (4 April) through to National Lumpy Rug Day (3 May) all on the agenda whether you like it or not.

But while there are countless ridiculous ones that deserve absolutely zero of our attention, there are a handful that are a little more meaningful - like tomorrow, which is National No Bra Day, urging people to ditch the bras to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Taking place in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month on 13 October, No Bra Day means exactly what you'd think it does. The social media movement started in 2011, aiming to encourage people to carry out self-examinations and screenings, while also understanding the signs of breast cancer.

While it begun back in Toronto, Canada, by 2014 the day was being celebrated in a total of 30 countries worldwide.

Anyone who doesn't want to go bra-less can also wear purple for the day to get involved, or they can donate to the Breast Cancer Care charity.

Many people have been taking to social media to show their support ahead of the day.

One person tweeted: "My aunt has breast cancer so I'm supporting her and other women who are fighting and the women who passed away. On OCTOBER 13. It is National No Braday. I would love for all women to support this day."

Another wrote: "Yes, it's no bra day today! Ladies, remember it's important to get your mammograms done. Do the monthly self breast examination. Don't take things lightly. Mammograms hurt a little but definitely it is bearable. Early detention can save you from lots of pain."

However, over the years the national day has become the subject of some controversy, as some people feel it is disrespectful to those who already don't wear bras due to having had a mastectomy.

Others also believe it's not the best way to raise awareness, saying it instead 'sexualises' breasts cancer.

One person tweeted: "How does #NoBraDay ensure people actually take preventative measures like yearly mammograms? It doesn't. Stop sexualizing breast cancer."

Someone else posted a photo revealing double mastectomy scars, writing: "If #NoBraDay was REALLY about breast cancer awareness, every tweet would have a pic like this, not topless selfies."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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