Seven Manchester United fans in Nigeria died after a power cable fell as they watched their team take on Anderlecht in the Europa League.

The crowd of supporters were watching United's 2-1 win at the Calabar Viewing Centre when the tragedy happened.

The electrical cable fell when a nearby transformer exploded twice, according to All Africa.

Local police have confirmed at least seven have been killed but, according to a local quoted by The Sun, more than 20 could have died from being electrocuted. Several more have been critically injured and taken to hospital.

Manchester United have tweeted out their condolences to the people affected by the tragedy:

One witness has said: "We were all inside watching the match when we heard the first explosion from the transformer; the heavy sound caused panic because some people shouted and ran out.

"After a while, we came back into the viewing centre to continue with the match. Shortly, we heard another heavy sound and when some people tried to run away from the centre, they were affected.

"Over 50 of us escaped death yesterday because we were standing by the door watching the game."

The Facebook page for Manchester United has been inundated with people leaving messages of support. Cleverly Majawa wrote: "We try our best to watch our beloved team here in Africa. May their souls rest in perfect peace, you're our heroes and keep our red flag high in heaven."

While Esther Bello said: "When you have a Club that identifies with your sorrow and pains, you are fulfilled. Their death will definitely not be in vain because I trust the Cup we shall win and dedicate to their memory."

The British High Commission in Nigeria has tweeted their heartfelt response:

It reads: "Our deepest sympathy for the loss of lives in Calabar during a Europa League football match between @ManUtd and @rscanderlecht #RIP"

Cross River State governor Ben Ayade said: "It was heart-wrenching that the lives of the young men were lost through electrocution."

Nigeria's Premium Times says the makeshift viewing centre was made out of corrugated zinc.

Source: All Africa, Premium Times, Independent and The Sun

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Ediong

Stewart Perrie

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