Two Boys Caught Riding On Top Of Double Decker Bus

It seems two blokes have mistaken a Magic Bus for a magic carpet as they were spotted riding on top of a double decker through Manchester city centre.

The footage, which was shared on social media, shows the two men sitting on top of the Stagecoach Group bus as it drove through Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday night.

Credit: Millie Morley
Credit: Millie Morley

In the video, passers-by can be seen pointing at the pair as the bus drives past Greggs in the busy Manchester area.

Local resident Millie Morley, 18, filmed the video and said that a passer-by had tried to alert the driver.

She told LADbible: "Everyone was sort of shocked at first and there was a random guy chasing the bus screaming 'stop, they're on your bus' to the driver. I think everyone was in awe so they were just staring at them.

"I found it quite funny if I'm honest, it's definitely made my night."

The men are thought to be 'urban explorers' - essentially thrill-seekers who often film themselves performing dangerous stunts (you know, like riding on top of a double decker bus), then posting the results on social media.

The men soon became aware the police were onto them and jumped off the vehicle.

Stagecoach Manchester has slammed the 'irresponsible' and 'dangerous' actions of the pranksters.

A spokesman for the company said: "This kind of behaviour is hugely irresponsible and very dangerous, not only to those taking part but also for our drivers, passengers and other road users.

"We would urge anyone thinking of repeating this type of stunt not to put themselves or other members of the public at risk."

The police were made aware of the incident via various reports on the night, it was revealed to MEN from a Greater Manchester Police spokesperson.

They're treating it as an anti-social behaviour case.

This is not the only time 'urban explorers' have been caught in their dangerous acts.

Credit: Millie Morley
Credit: Millie Morley

Back in 2016 an urban explorer had his finger ripped clean offfinger ripped clean off while climbing some water towers near Medstead in Hampshire.

Guy Ravenhill, then 15, had to climb over a spiked fence - luckily for him and his fellow explorers, there was a tipped-over fence they could turn upright to climb on.

"This is where it all went to shit," Guy told LADbible at the time. "My muddy shoes made me slip off the fridge and as I fell, my right index finger got caught between the spikes and was subsequently ripped off."

As he got up, he had no idea his finger was missing and it was only when he felt something unusual on his hand that he looked at his finger and realised it wasn't there.

Fortunately doctors were able to reattach the missing digit, but even so - a cautionary tale as to why it's probably safer just to do something a bit less risky.

Featured Image Credit: Millie Morley

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