Video Shows People Cruelly Riding On The Back Of A Turtle

A shocking video shows a bunch of people riding along on the back of a sea turtle in Indonesia.

The clip was reportedly filmed last Friday (5 July) and shows a number of people - adults and children - getting on top of the turtle, which had crawled onto the beach to lay an egg.

The footage starts by showing an older man sat on the leatherback sea turtle, while other men appear to encourage him - one man stands off to the side holding a tree branch.

Other people, including a younger man who is tucking into a snack, then have a go, with one man even carrying a young boy onto the animal.

At one point a man starts to throw sand at the poor turtle before shoving it and grabbing one of its flippers.

He then cruelly stands on its hind flippers as the turtle tries to make it to the water.

A number of people were filmed riding atop of the giant turtle. Credit: Newsflare
A number of people were filmed riding atop of the giant turtle. Credit: Newsflare

As yet, the local authorities have not made a comment about the video, which was reportedly filmed at Asukweri beach.

After the clip was shared online people have slammed those taking part, with some labeling them as 'cruel' and 'vile' for climbing all over the animal.

The leatherback sea turtle, also known as a lute turtle or leathery turtle, is the largest species of turtle and can weigh more than half a tonne when fully grown.

According to the WWF, the leatherback sea turtle is a 'vulnerable' animal, which has seen its numbers decline rapidly in the past few years.

Leatherback turtles don't have many natural predators, however, plastic pollution, fishing nets and lobster traps all pose threats.

One man stands on the animal's back flippers. Credit: Newsflare
One man stands on the animal's back flippers. Credit: Newsflare

Leatherback sea turtles are particularly susceptible to swallowing up floating plastic bags, mistaking them for jellyfish, which make up a large part of their diet.

As the animals are dependent on beaches for nesting - which appears to be what is happening in the video above - leatherback sea turtles are also feeling the impact of habitat loss.

With sea-levels rising, coastal developments and humans and vehicles taking to beaches, there are fewer places for the animals to lay their eggs.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

Claire Reid

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