This Man Loves Roadkill, But He May Have Eaten His Last Christmas Sperm Whale Casserole

Arthur Boyt will cook and eat whatever dead animals he finds at the side of the road, on the beach, or wherever. But last year's Christmas dinner of dolphin may have landed him in hot water with Her Maj.

Most people are pretty boring with when it comes to what they choose to eat. If they are being paid a truck-load of money to go on a two-week jolly to Australia and eat some kangaroo bollocks or whatever, then sure - but most people are quite unadventurous eaters.

And never are people more protective of what they eat than on Christmas Day. If it ain't turkey, roast spuds and pigs in blankets, followed by Christmas pudding, they're not having it. Arthur Boyt, however, is not most people.

The 78-year-old retired entomologist from Cornwall loves nothing more than tucking into dead animals that he finds by the side of the road. That's right, Boyt is a roadkill connoisseur and if your car splatters it, he will eat it.

He has previously enjoyed Christmas dinners that have consisted of weasels, badgers, squirrels, otters, hedgehog and, rather specifically, sperm whale casserole.

Seems that if it's cute and dead, it's on the menu - but this year he may just be have to something a bit more conventional, as last year got him into some pretty big trouble after he ate a dolphin.

Don't worry, it was already dead, but he was still warned by the Marine Management Organisation that he faced up to six months in jail for his actions.

He told the Metro: "As far as I know if a cetacean - a whale, dolphin or porpoise - washes up on the beach it is the responsibility of the beach owner to dispose of it.

"If it's a council beach the council have to pay for it and it can cost a lot of money."

Credit: SWNS

He continues: "But if you eat it, surely that is disposing of it? The best way of disposing of the meat of one of these animals is to eat it.

"But the Marine Management Organisation got in contact with me last year after I was featured in the press for eating dolphin for Christmas.

"They made this threat to me that if I did any more of it I would be in trouble, big trouble."

Credit: SWNS

He's right too. According to the law, dead whales and dolphins are classified as 'royal fish' (despite not actually being fish at all), which means that they are automatically the property of The Queen. Yes, not content with owning Wales, she also owns whales - although what use she would have for a rotting dolphin is anyone's guess.

Arthur has no plans to stop eating roadkill - he's been at it since he was 13 - although he will be having a more traditional Christmas feast this year at his mother-in-law's house... Unless she is 'mysteriously' hit by a car - then who knows?

Words: Tom Woods

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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