US President Donald Trump Attacked For 'Overfeeding' Koi Carp Of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

US president Donald Trump has attracted criticism on social media after being photographed dumping an entire box of feed into a koi pond during his visit to Japan, regardless of the fact that his host did it first.


Credit: ABC News

Trump met with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe on the second day of his five-nation Asian tour.

The pair were filmed and photographed standing next to a pond in the Akasaka palace in Tokyo, where Abe gently spooned the contents of a small wooden box out for a collection of colourful koi carp.

Donald Trump Fish Food
Donald Trump Fish Food

Credit: PA

After a while, the pair appear to lose patience, with Abe throwing the rest of his feed up into the air, and Trump upending his box to dump the remaining food in the pond.

White House reporters keen to frame Trump's action as a blunder took photographs on their smartphones and got to work on Twitter, circulating the news.

As a result of the snapshot, Trump has been on the receiving end of criticism online, despite the fact he was merely following his host's lead.

People with a more astute knowledge of fish care have attacked Trump for overfeeding the fish - something which is known to make koi carp ill.

"Fish that are overfed in typical ornamental pond facilities will eventually develop large bellies and begin to look a little bit like tadpoles, with the big body and the wispy tail," Dr. Erik Johnson, a Georgia veterinarian, writes in the AquaScape Knowledge Base.

"That will not usually kill the fish, but the impact on the liver and other internal organs can and will be severe."

However, the full video clearly shows the Japanese prime minister emptying the contents of his box into the pond, too. Trump simply observes his host and copies his actions.

Donald Trump Fish Food
Donald Trump Fish Food

Credit: PA

Japan was the first stop of the president's two-week tour of Asia, which will see him next visiting South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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