Pauline Hanson Scores Hilarious Own Goal As She Describes Fraser Anning As A Racist

Pauline Hanson has a bit of a reputation for singling out minorities in Australia and saying some...interesting things about them. The One Nation leader has been accused of being racist for her anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism, anti-Asian and anti-Islamic views.

She's made remarks about African migrants, said we're being 'swamped by Asians' and has called for a ban on Islamic immigration to Australia.

All these comments have been made over the course of a glittering and never boring 25-year political career.

But it's interesting to see that she's now accusing another political candidate of being racist and also scoring a hilarious own goal while doing it.

She's accused egg victim Senator Fraser Anning of have racist, extreme views and shouldn't be elected to Parliament again. Senator Anning has made his own fair share of controversial comments, including blaming the Christchurch terror attack on Muslim immigration.

In an interview with the Australian, Ms Hanson said: "What he says is extreme, it's will find people out there who might have that opinion, but it's not my opinion and not something I've ever said or will ever support.

"I feel now he has nothing to lose, I think he's trying to be controversial, to be another Pauline Hanson."

Credit: The Today Show/Channel 9
Credit: The Today Show/Channel 9

Not sure you want to be condemning someone for being racist while comparing them to yourself.

She's also said that people use that pesky term 'racist' too frequently.

"People throw the word racist around too freely, they don't know what they're talking about, but when you actually target a person based on their skin colour, that is racist because that means you believe your race to be superior to them," Senator Hanson said.

This isn't the first time she's criticised Senator Anning for his views.

Shortly after the senator used the words 'final solution' during his maiden speech to Parliament (yes, that actually happened), Ms Hanson issued a strong rebuke.

"Because you may have your grievances with what Fraser Anning has said, don't direct them at me - it's got nothing to do with me," she told reporters.

The Senator was previously on the One Nation ticket in 2016 and made his way into the Australian Parliament when the elected official, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts was disqualified by the High Court.

He eventually ran as an Independent and has since started his own political party for this year's election called Conservative National Party.

Featured Image Credit: A Current Affair/Channel9

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