US President Donald Trump Might Not Be The One Behind His Twitter Account

It seems as though America's President, Donald Trump, is never too far from his phone - or indeed his Twitter account. He's quick to post his thoughts on terror attacks, news reports, character assassinations, political rival Hilary Clinton, policy achievements and virtually any other topic.

He tweets before sunrise, during the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and sometimes well past midnight. There's been so much attention paid to the President's account that South Park recently parodied his frequent taunting of North Korea via Twitter. Many people cry out that Mr Trump should be getting on with doing his job rather than spending time typing out tweets for the world to see.

However, it might not actually be the President's fingers doing the talking.

A journalist has screenshotted two tweets that went out, one after the other. The first is from the President's Assistant and Director of Social Media Dan Scavino Jr, and the second is from his boss. But they are exactly the same tweet, with Scavino's being posted first, and deleted a short time later.

This has led to some people speculating that Dan is the man who spends some of his day typing out those sometimes controversial tweets. It's likely that President Trump would dictate the tweets for Scavino to write out, but it's an interesting insight into how one of the most scrutinised Twitter accounts on the world is handled.

Dan Scavino Jr
Dan Scavino Jr

Credit: PA

The NBC story that the tweet refers to is reportedly about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who called the President 'a moron' and threatened to quit his post. But Mr Trump says the details of the story are fake and dishonest and called on the network to apologise 'to America'.

Scavino was heavily mocked by people on social media during Hurricane Irma, when he posted footage of Miami airport being flooded. The only problem with the post was that it wasn't Miami airport at all, and was instead a video of Mexico City.

He also allegedly violated a federal law in June when he urged Trump supporters on social media to 'take out' a Republican candidate in an upcoming primary ballot. It's against the rules for public officials to use their role for political activity, but he escaped with a written warning.

Sources: Business Insider, Washington Post, NBC

Featured Image Credit: PA

Stewart Perrie

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