As someone who always looks underwhelmed, I can totally identify with Andy Murray. Even when he wins Wimbledon he just looks, at best, like someone who has found a fiver in a pair of jeans they haven't worn in a while.

As well as looking like he's not even arsed about tennis, the 29-year-old Olympic gold medal winner is often slated in the media for being a bit boring, but I think this photo puts that rumour to bed for good, to be honest.

Last night he won Sports Personality of the Year for a record-breaking third time and while most people were quick to congratulate the tennis ace, some people on Twitter just couldn't get past his awkward pose.

Credit: BBC

He wasn't actually there to collect his award in person so he accepted it over a satellite link from Miami. He made a short speech and then they just left the cameras rolling while he stood there, holding the massive trophy and looking like he'd rather have not won it than go through this.

It was one minute 10 seconds of that: him smiling like when you tell your mate you're taking a photo but you're actually recording them, while the credits rolled. That was pretty mean of the BBC.

Well done, anyway, Andy.

Featured image credit: PA

Claire Reid

I wish I could think of something witty to put here...soz.

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