'Austin Powers Tourist' Gets Stuck Trying '100-Point' Turn On Country Lane

Everyone knows the perils of trying to perform a three-point turn under pressure. But spare a thought for this bloke whose BMW got wedged in a country lane in Cornwall, while trying his hand at a '100-point- manoeuvre'.

And if that wasn't enough, the hapless driver was then confronted by a pile of traffic that watched on as he struggled to get moving again.

Matt Morris, 27, was driving near Penzance when he spotted the silver car.

He started videoing the driver as he shunted a few inches back and forth, trying to do a U-turn in the tiny space.

Matt said: "I met this BMW in the narrows.

"He pulled in, I could get past but just as I was about to go past he pulled forward nearly hitting the front of the lorry.

"He then performed this unusual manoeuvre in front of the lorry, and drove off in the other direction."

The car got stuck on a country lane in Cornwall. Credit: SWNS
The car got stuck on a country lane in Cornwall. Credit: SWNS

Matt originally shared a video of the incident on Facebook, likening him to the iconic scene in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery where the secret agent becomes stuck trying to navigate his way around Dr Evil's headquarters.

He posted the vid with the caption: "When on holiday in st buryan, if u can't pull in to let a lorry pass, use this quick and easy manoeuvre, #Austinpowers."

Since then the clip footage has been viewed around 150,000 views, with many jumping in to slate the driver's skills.

Commenting on the video, one person asked: "Wtf.. how do people get themselves in that situation?"

A second critic said: "Wtf If you can't drive it don't buy it."

A third put: "Ah, you can't beat a 97 point turn opportunity as an alternative to finding the reverse gear. Maybe, like the indicators, it was an optional extra declined."

The hapless driver was likened to Austin Powers. Credit: New Line Cinema
The hapless driver was likened to Austin Powers. Credit: New Line Cinema

While another joked: "Legend has it, they are still there."

Though there definitely wasn't much sympathy for the unlucky couple, one person did give them some credit for at least trying to get out of the way.

Defending his driving skills, they wrote: "Well in their defence, at least they didn't expect the wagon to perform that manoeuvre as some car drivers actually look at you like you should."

Others even offered the driver some words of advice in case he finds himself in that situation again.

"Turn turn the steering wheel and floor it it will pull you around," wrote one.

While another added: "Traction control off, lock the steering, dump the clutch."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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