Banksy Marks Brexit Day By Re-Exhibiting Painting Showing MPs As Chimpanzees

On this most important of days in British political history - in theory at least - the UK's foremost purveyor of massively on-the-nose political satire, Banksy, has offered his take of the state of the Houses of Parliament.

As you've probably heard, today - that is, 29 March 2019 - was supposed to be a very important day in British history.

It is the day that was originally supposed to mark Britain's exit from the European Union. Brexit Day, if you will.

Banksy's artwork. Really makes you think. Credit: PA
Banksy's artwork. Really makes you think. Credit: PA

However, due to various reasons including the fact that no-one really knows what Brexit means, what it is, what form it should take, how it should be done, or even - in certain quarters - why it should be done at all, we're still in the EU.

With that in mind, the mysterious street artist and stencil sprayer Banksy has resurrected a piece of art to really capture the British public's mood towards those who sit in positions of power.

Basically, he's done up a picture of the House of Commons but replaced all of the Members of Parliament with chimpanzees.

Banksy's take on the House of Commons, with all the MPs replaced with chimps. Credit: PA
Banksy's take on the House of Commons, with all the MPs replaced with chimps. Credit: PA

Get it? It's because the politicians are squabbling like a troop of monkeys! Get it? Well, do you?

OK, so you don't have to be an art critic or genius to figure out the meaning, but it's called Devolved Parliament.

It's actually from a few years ago but has now been exhibited in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery in order 'to mark Brexit day'.

The artist explained this complex and cerebral work on Instagram, sharing a post that reads: "Devolved Parliament. I made this ten years ago. Bristol museum have just put it back on display to mark Brexit day.

"Laugh now, but one day no-one will be in charge."

Nothing too subtle here. Credit: PA
Nothing too subtle here. Credit: PA

That quote at the end there is actually a reference to another piece by the reclusive artist. In another piece of cutting satirical commentary, Banksy stencilled a picture of a chimpanzee with the caption: "Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge".

Well, I guess that day is today, am I right?

Yoma Smith, a trustee of Bristol Museums Development Trust, said of the work: "It's great art, and great art is a reflection of society.

"It raises a mirror to society and discusses the mood and landscape. That's what Banksy does.

"He points a mirror back at society, so this is exciting for us, it's exciting for the museum and it's really exciting for Bristol."

Well, ok. Credit: PA
Well, ok. Credit: PA

The exhibition's curator, Phillip Walker, added: "When this work was shown 10 years ago it caused a real stir and was one of the highlights of the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition.

"It feels like a timely chance to revisit the work and a great opportunity to share Banksy's largest known work on canvas with the public again."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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