Business Offers 'Try Before You Buy' Scheme On Its Sex Dolls

'Try before you buy' is only really good for certain purchases. A car? OK. Clothes? Sure, if it's not undies. But would you really buy a sex doll after someone else has already had their nasty way with it?

That's what one business in Gateshead, England is banking on as its manager is hiring out its sex dolls for £50 ($69.30) per half hour so customers can try having sex with them before they buy them. Count me out.

Credit: BBC Radio 5 Live
Credit: BBC Radio 5 Live

According to the Daily Mail, the business, - which also sells 'reused dolls' - even offers access to a private space with a bed where curious punters can try it on with the dolls.

The business started the service just before Christmas and has apparently already had a few customers take the offer up. Do you think they shook hands on the purchase afterwards?

"We're hoping this is a test drive so that they would then go on to purchase one of our products," the business owner, Graham, said in an interview on BBC Five Live.

"The aim of the game isn't simply the use of the service."

Customers looking to test the dolls must provide the business with their contact details and pay in advance. They must then travel to an industrial unit where a key code grants access to a small room where one of the dolls awaits wearing a negligee. How alluring.

The type of doll the business has made available for 'testing and inspection' is pretty life-like - an adult size doll weighing 66lb and boasting realistic sexual organs. Given it retails at £1,800 ($2494.69), a £50 lay is a pretty good deal.

The only downside might be that Graham has admitted to testing the dolls himself. Depends how you feel about putting a face to your sloppy seconds, I guess.

Credit: BBC Radio 5 Live
Credit: BBC Radio 5 Live

"It would be crazy for me not to," Graham said. "Once you realise you're performing an act with somebody or something that has no judgement of you whatsoever, that is quite a freedom and that's a developing freedom that a lot of our customers experience."

Graham's admitted that the venture's all a bit speculative at the moment, as he has no idea whether there's a market for the offer and with it being wide open for abuse, such as if people provide false details.

Yet Graham's convinced there's interest in the scheme; if it goes well, it could even see him opening the first known sex doll brothel in the UK. Hell, if it brings the money in...

'We've had four people who've made that kind of enquiry. Two have made purchases. They have the doll right now, but we don't know if they've proceeded any further," Graham said.

"I think it will happen, whether it's us or someone else. If it makes sense for us to do it, we'll do it."

Either way, Graham says that his dolls are 'as clean as can be', with all dolls going anything from a one-hour to five-hour long cleaning process.

I guess if you're going to have a steamy encounter, you might as well do it in a way that won't give you an STD.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Chris Ogden

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