Mother Gives Birth To Huge Baby Weighing Over 12lbs

Men will never truly experience the true pain that women have to go through during child birth. For us, that's obviously a good thing, considering that we think a common cold is a sign that we're only moments away from death.

Sadly for women though, this is just a reminder that their lives seem to be tougher.

Still, as they lie there, pushing, screaming, squirming and crying, we're there, at first so supportive of them giving birth to our child. However, eventually the support turns into admiration when it finally dawns on us that they've actually pushed a human out of their vagina.

Extra admiration has to be heaped on Paula Brown's shoulders, as she managed to do that with a baby nearly twice the average weight of a regular newborn.

Credit: SWNS

Paula had bought a load of toddler clothes for young Theo, though she had to throw the majority away as after six hours in labour it was found that her son weighed 12lbs 4oz.

Staff in Blackburn Birthing Centre claimed it was the biggest baby they'd ever seen, Dad Gareth Brown said.

"We were all making guesses at what weight the baby would come in, but nobody was expecting that," he added.

"It was strange, most of the babies there were tiny and Theo was huge.

"They said it was the biggest baby out of the last 4,500."

Credit: SWNS

He continued: "Everybody is doing fine now, Theo is home and well.

"He's absolutely brilliant.

"Our youngest daughter Rose, who's five, especially - just absolutely loves him."

The average weight for newborns is just over seven lbs, so you can only imagine what Paula must have been going through.

"It was not pleasant and it was hard work and tiring," she said.

"But the end result of it all is just fantastic."

Credit: SWNS

Despite his weight, Theo isn't quite Britain's biggest newborn. That title belongs to George from Gloucester, who weighed 15lb 7oz when he was born in February 2013.

In 1879 the world's biggest baby was born, who tipped the scales at 22 lbs. How the fuck does that happen?

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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