Court Postpones Paedophile’s Sentencing So He Can Go On Holiday

You'd think if a paedophile has pled guilty in court to trying to have sex with a child, it would be a swift process for punishment to be handed down. Well, that would normally be the case - however one man has been allowed to go on holiday before he's sentenced, because his trip was already booked.

Kristopher Cook was charged with attempting penetrative sexual activity with a child and admitted to the offence at Newcastle Crown Court.

The Sun reports he was caught out after chatting to what he thought was an underage child on the Internet.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The 24-year-old, who reportedly suffers from 'a number of educational and emotional difficulties', was told that before he's sentenced, he can go on a family holiday to the Lake District.

His defence team argued that the sentencing hearing should be delayed because, lo and behold, the bloke's trip was already planned - which Judge Amanda Rippon agreed to.

She reportedly told Newcastle Crown Court: "I'm releasing you on unconditional bail so you are free to go on that holiday with your family.

"It is possible you may be looking at a jail sentence."

Newcastle Crown Court. Credit: PA
Newcastle Crown Court. Credit: PA

Unsurprisingly, the decision has deeply angered anti-paedophile groups, who aim to get people like Cook off the streets.

The organisation Dark Justice has told Chronicle Live: "What sort of message does that send out to victims.

"He's been told to go and enjoy himself, when any potential victims may have had their lives ruined.

"He has committed a crime so he should be punished, not told to go on holiday. It shouldn't matter if it was pre-booked.

"If he's committed a crime, that should be more important than if he's got a holiday booked."

Anti-paedophile groups such as Dark Justice put a great deal of work into operations in order to catch offenders red-handed. A spokesperson for fellow group The Hunted One has previously told LADbible: "The hardest thing we deal with is [chatting to the paedophiles]. It does get to you sometimes.

"Every now and then we'll have times where we take a break from what we're doing. We have about four or five of us maybe that might do chats and obviously if it's getting a bit much or if people feel like they're a bit run down then maybe one person will take a backseat."

Judge Amanda Rippon has also ordered Cook to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before his sentencing hearing, in order to determine what type of punishment to hand out.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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