​Elderly Couple Literally Left In The Dark As Neighbours Put Fence Up Outside Their House

Ah, neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours. Bounding across their lawn to say 'G'day, Karl!' Letting you use their pool when they're not in. Bringing you a Tupperware of lasagne when your dog dies... No? That just what happens in Aussie soaps?

Turns out the friendly neighbourly attitude doesn't always apply outside of Ramsay Street - as one elderly couple have found out the hard way.

Arthur and Eva Evans may have thought they would be living the dream when they moved to a perfect countryside home after retiring 15 years ago, but since then they've had a series of issues with neighbours.

The latest? The retired teachers claim a massive 6ft (1.8m) fence was put up just over a year ago by Roger Clark, who is building a brick wall on his driveway. The fence is just 1ft (0.3m) away from their house and blocks the view from a total of five windows.

Credit: Mercury Press

Now, I'm not judging here, but there are definitely people out there that would call that a 'seriously dick move'.

"We have got five windows along that side now," Arthur, 86, said. "Four are quite small and one is of a reasonable size. It looks out over their drive and to the fields beyond.

"Five windows are now blocked off which is stopping the light coming in and is obstructing our view.

"Now we look out and we can see nothing. The fence totally blocks the small windows. With the larger window there is a 3-inch (7.6cm) gap so we can look up to the heavens and that is about it."

Arthur also feels they are being driven to an 'early grave', and that the ordeal has had a big impact on both his and Eva's health.

"I was fit and healthy before I moved here but five years ago I had a heart attack and Eva had one 12 months ago.

Credit: Mercury Press

"When I had my heart attack the pressure intensified. I would say they are trying to drive us into an early grave.

"It feels like an assault. He is using a civil right to whip us. I don't know if he is getting pleasure out of it.

Arthur says they have also had sleepless nights and have lost their appetites.

"It is not just us," he continued. "There are 10 houses on this estate and they have all suffered to varying degrees, but we are the nearest and the eldest.

He also says that they complained to the planning department but that the owner kept saying the fence was temporary - even though it's now been up for 14 months. They have reported issues to the police and contacted their local MP but are 'achieving very little'.

Credit: Mercury Press

"It is a living nightmare," Arthur continues. "I do not want this. We moved here for a quiet life. We got to know the developer and our house is purpose built for us. It was our dream home. We love the house and we love the people around us.

"When you get old it is no good trying to pretend you're not. Your fighting spirit and ability to cope is not as strong as it used to be. I can't handle it. When this descended on us I was like a headless chicken. I do not want to deal with the stress."

I guess that's when neighbours don't become good friends.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman is a journalist who graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film Studies, English Language and Literature, and has previously worked for Time Out and The Skinny among others.

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