Prepare To Wrap Up, Sub-Zero Temperatures And Snow Are On The Way To UK

January is already a tough month with post-Christmas blues and the high likelihood of being skint. But then you add in the weather that typically blankets the Northern Hemisphere around this time and suddenly, this month couldn't feel any shitter.

We'd love to tell you that a very large warm front is being swept up from Africa to send those temperatures into at least double digits - but then we'd be lying.

In fact, just the opposite is expected to hit parts of the UK in the coming days.


If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, then expect some pretty awful conditions until at least Wednesday. According to the Met Office, residents in those two countries will experience: "Frequent and heavy hail and snow showers... from Monday evening, continuing for much of the day on Tuesday."

The weather forecaster adds: "Travel delays on roads are possible, with a small chance of cancellations to public transport. There is a small chance that power cuts will occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected.

"In addition, some roads and pavements may become icy, increasing the chance of injuries from slips and falls."

Here's the areas expected to be hit the hardest. Credit: Met Office
Here's the areas expected to be hit the hardest. Credit: Met Office

Spokesperson for the Met Office, Alex Burkill, has told the Mirror that 'polar air' from the north-west will be responsible for driving temperatures below zero in some parts, which of course will bring some lovely sleet and snow.

Mr Burkhill even went as far as saying Scotland could get as much as 10 centimetres of snow on Tuesday.

If you're not in the Met Office's 'Yellow Zone' for the next few days, don't think you're going to get out unscathed. Temperatures in London are forecast to only reach a high of between 5 and 6 degrees, with lows being down to 1 or 2 degrees.


While there will be plenty of people saying, 'Guys, it's winter, it's supposed to be cold', this type of snap freeze hasn't been seen in a while.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden has told the Express: "We are about to go into another period of very cold weather and once again it is worth pointing out that we may have to go back a few years to the last time we experienced anything of this stature or potency.

"The weather is likely to impact travel and school closures on a notable scale next week and we could be looking at a notable and lengthy spell of widespread snowy weather."

So get those jumpers ready.

Sources: Met Office, Mirror, Express

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