Professional Bridesmaid Reveals The 'Bridezilla' Requests She's Had To Deal With

Being a bridesmaid sounds fun, doesn't it? Hen parties, picking out dresses and pink fizz with your best mate... OK, maybe those specifications aren't for everyone, but the basic theory is still pretty great. However, it can actually be a pretty stressful task with a fair amount of pressure.

The idea of doing it more than once might be pretty daunting for some people, but not for Tiffany Wright - in fact, she's made a whole business out of it.

Tiffany started her job as a professional bridesmaid back in 2016 and since then she's been part of 50 weddings - of both clients and friends. As you may imagine, in that time she's pretty much seen it all.

If you can think of a mad 'bridezilla' request, chances are Tiffany has been asked to make it a reality - from being asked to spy on a stag do, to dying her hair to match the other bridesmaids.

Charging up to £5,000 a pop, she's been able to put away a fair bit of cash in the bank, along with collecting loads of dresses.

As glamorous as this may sound, however, Tiffany says it is not an easy job to keep up with.

Recalling the time she tracked a groom-to-be on his pre-wedding jollies, the 36-year-old from Oxfordshire said: "I flew out to Ibiza to keep an eye on all the stags.

"I kept my distance the whole trip, kept a close eye on them. I had their whole itinerary as the bride managed to get it off of the stags, so I always knew their plans.

Tiffany in one of her many bridesmaid dresses. Credit: Caters
Tiffany in one of her many bridesmaid dresses. Credit: Caters

"There was obviously distrust in the relationship."

Fortunately, that proved to be a case of all's well that ends well, as she explained: "The groom didn't set a foot wrong, which I reported back."

Tiffany has even been taken on to make sure the other bridesmaids didn't... umm, indulge a bit too much before the big day, and could still fit in their dresses.

"One bride had her mind set on which bridesmaids dresses she wanted and was concerned some of her curvier friends wouldn't fit or suit them," she said.

"As a discreet way of helping them lose weight, I organised a 'wellness weekend' for them all which was basically a weight loss bootcamp.

"We spent the weekend doing yoga, eating salads and working out, so it definitely wasn't your typical pre-wedding party. We were all in bed by 8pm most nights - it's safe to say there weren't any penis straws or Jägerbombs during our trip."

Tiffany in one of her many bridesmaid dresses. Credit: Caters
Tiffany in one of her many bridesmaid dresses. Credit: Caters

Then there was the time she was asked to make sure the photographer didn't take photos of an attractive pair of guests who could have potentially 'outshone' the bride... and the wedding with a 'hen-do gift list', where the cheapest present cost £100. Yikes!

Tiffany added: "All these women are self-proclaimed bridezillas - they seem to wear the title like a badge of honour.

"I've had someone ask for my advice on [whether] to have a friend of hers as a bridesmaid because she was trying to get pregnant, and the bride didn't want a pregnant bridesmaid.

"It's crazy what people can be concerned about."

Tiffany showing off some of her many wedding photos. Credit: Caters
Tiffany showing off some of her many wedding photos. Credit: Caters

So with all this stuff to fuss about, you have to wonder - what on earth could have possessed her to take on the role?

The answer is simple. She got the idea after attending a staggering 17 weddings in the space of two years - man, I feel sorry for her bank balance with all the gifts she'll have had to buy - she noticed one common feature at all of them. Namely, the stressed-out bride. Yeah, gotta be money to be made there.

She said: "Sometimes not having a personal or family connection to someone can be a bonus with some tasks.

"For example, one bride's parents had divorced and her dad wanted to bring his new girlfriend - who was a similar age to her - with him to the wedding and it was my job to break the news to her mum."

OK, her job title may be a little misleading - since setting up the business, she's helped over 150 brides, but been an actual bridesmaid seven times. At other events she's simply been a guest and acted as more of a personal assistant to the bride.

However, despite all the stress, it seems Tiffany is happy.

She explained: "It can be a difficult job at times but it's unique and I couldn't wish for a better career despite the bridezillas."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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