Speed Cameras Can Do Much More Than Just Catch You Speeding

If, like me, you thought speed camera just caught you when you were going too fast, you're in for a shock. It turns out that those crafty little boxes can snap a lot more.

In fact, the list of offences that those unassuming yellow boxes can capture is a lot longer than just breaking the speed limit. They can also catch you not wearing a seatbelt, using your mobile phone behind the wheel and having illegal number plates. Quite impressive that, isn't it?

Between August and November 2015, almost 700 drivers were caught for offences other than speeding in the north east.

Speed Camera
Speed Camera

Speed cameras can pick up a lot more than just how fast you're going. Credit: PA

According to the Northumbria Road Safety initiative, the most common crime is not wearing a seatbelt - 604 drivers were caught for that.

Which just seems stupid - it doesn't take much effort to put one on and if anything does happen, it might just save your life. Why wouldn't you wear one?

Anyway, new laws introduced back in March - so they're really not that new anymore - saw drivers who were caught using their mobile phones behind the wheel whacked with a £200 fine and six penalty points.

And if you rack up six points for that or any other offense in your first two years of driving, you can have your license revoked. So, given how much we now know those speed cameras can catch, you better be careful.

Superintendent Sarah Pitt, who is head of operations at Northumbria Police, told Chronicle Live: "Camera detection is a great tool used to help police enforce all road laws and legislations.

"Many think speeding is the only thing detected however, driving without a seat belt, using mobile phones behind the wheel and more can all be identified and are all actions which make our roads a danger for motorists and pedestrians."

Say cheese. Credit: PA

She also reminded us that, while these laws can be annoying, they are there for our own protection.

"We need to ensure we take positive action whenever possible to keep dangerous drivers off our roads," she said.

"These laws are in place to protect people - and quite simply breaking them can cause serious injury or even death.

"We don't tolerate it and those in violation will face the consequences."

You have been warned.

Source: Chronicle Live

Featured Image Credit: PA

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