Bikini Model Claims She's 'Too Good Looking To Find Love'

This Morning viewers were left in disbelief after a woman claimed she was too attractive to find a fella.

Bikini model Jenna Thompson appeared on the programme to speak out about her dating woes, but many of those watching the segment - which was named 'I'm too good-looking to find love' - had little sympathy for her.

"I am too good-looking to date - I intimidate nice guys," she told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield earlier today.

"I seem to attract guys who are only after one thing. People who think they'll have a go and just want hook-ups. No one is looking for anyone that serious."

Jenna Thompson. Credit: ITV
Jenna Thompson. Credit: ITV

Holly explained that Jenna's friends had suggested she tone down her image slightly, but the mum-of-two said she wasn't willing to change herself for a man.

"Thing is, if you change yourself you're never going to be truly happy, are you?" she said.

"How long can you wear a mask before it starts to slip?

"You're not going to be authentic to the person you're dating. Why change the way I look just to fit into a category for the sort of person I'm looking for? Maybe I haven't met that type of person yet."

Jenna with Holly and Phil. Credit: ITV
Jenna with Holly and Phil. Credit: ITV

She continued: "Maybe it's the type of guy I go for. I've got a definite type. I have a definite type in looks and that seems to come with a certain territory.

"I like heavily tattooed guys, good-looking, who look after themselves, gym goers. I need someone who is able to connect with me on a deeper level.

"I like someone who has quite a bit of depth and personality. This is why I quite like people who are heavily tattooed because they're normally quite deep and artistic."

Many viewers, however, weren't siding with Jenna, with one tweeting: "Too good-looking to find love - more like too goddamn picky! Off your high horse and focus on your kids!"

Someone else said: "Maybe it's not your looks, it could be your attitude - maybe you're over rating yourself, looks are only part of attractiveness."

Another wrote: "Get over yourself love - when did we become so self-obsessed?"

A fourth added: "I would love to be this up myself."

Some pointed out that she'd also appeared on Blind Date, with one person writing: "Funny that she's on #blinddate last night and now she's on #ThisMorninghmmsss."

Others, meanwhile, were busy altering the segment title:

Mind you, some people leapt to her defence, saying her ballsy attitude was something that should be championed.

"Loving this woman on #ThisMorning. Don't change yourself for anyone," one viewer tweeted.

"Don't shrink to fit inside someone else's box. I'm sure she'll get a tearing down from other women but this is the attitude we need to encourage."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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