Two Planes Pictured Flying Terrifyingly Close To One Another

Getting on a plane is scary enough without knowing about the dangers of flying.

People will often tell you that, 'statistically, flying is the safest mode of transport.' Which is nice, but what if the thing just stops working mid-air?

Plus, what if another plane is straight ahead? You can't just do a handbrake turn and get out the way. It's mad.

Fears of this sort won't have been made any better here either - check out these pictures of two passenger jets coming ridiculously close to one another as they prepare to land.Planes

Credit: @chrishine/Featureworld

The Daily Mail reports that Chris Hine captured the images of the two planes from his garden in Byfleet, Surrey, as they basically sat on top of one another.

"I often sit and watch planes as they circle and queue to land at Heathrow," Hine said. "But these two planes caught my attention as they were flying much closer than usual.

"I was so surprised I grabbed my camera and put it on zoom to get a better look. Although they were at quite a high altitude, I could easily make out the red one was Virgin Atlantic A340 while the other was a British Airways 787 Dreamliner.


Credit: @chrishine/Featureworld

"After doing one circuit they circled again and this time they crossed paths virtually one on top of the other.

"It was only a matter of a few seconds before they parted but it was a heart in the mouth moment. Bearing in mind both aircraft have the same wing span of about 60 metres, it looked a very close separation."

The two aircraft are typically used on transatlantic routes, with the A340 able to carry 311 passengers, whereas the Dreamliner carries 214.

It's hard to imagine what it'd be like to watch that from the window of a plane, but you can safely assume it didn't still well with too many people.


Credit: @chrishine/Featureworld

"I was staggered when I checked my camera and found I had captured the shot of both planes stacked on top of one another," Hine said. "When you think both planes would have been travelling at around 288mph it does make you wonder how safe our crowded skies are.

"The aircraft were so close I would imagine the passengers would have been aware."

According to an aviation consultant, the planes may look closer than they actually are, as there's a required distance of 1,000 feet needed between them.

There's a plethora of technology fitted to aircraft, not to mention Air Traffic Control, making a collision between two planes almost impossible.

<i "="">A spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic, said: "There are strict regulations which require aircraft to be at a set distance at all times, and this is continuously monitored by air traffic control as well as the airlines who have advanced technology on board to track nearby flights. A variety of different flight paths are used to depart and arrive safely into Heathrow Airport and as aircraft fly at different altitude they can appear close to observers on the ground - however the aircraft were absolutely at a safe, regulated distance of at least 1,500ft apart and at no time was safety compromised."

Featured Image Credit: @chrishine/Featureworld

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