Pub Ghost Sits Down At Table For A Christmas Tipple

There's all kinds of freaky shit going on in the world at the moment, with extreme weather, blokes cementing their heads in microwaves, The Rock potentially running for president - and that's not even considering bibles and cushions being eerily thrown about by the ghost of a pub landlady:

Credit: Caters

The moment was captured on camera by ghost hunter Sean Reynolds, a 34-year-old from Liverpool. He was investigating Owd Betts pub in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, for his Amazon series Ghost Dimension when he came across the inexplicable scenario - which he thinks was the ghost of the pub's old landlady, Betty, sitting down for a festive tipple.

At the beginning of the video, Sean can be heard urging the ghost to make herself known.

"Can you do one more thing for me? Let me know you're here," Sean calls out, before looking over his right shoulder and saying: "I feel like someone came past then - you know, like a breeze."

Then, while he's concentrating on some crayons on a set of shelves, asking the ghost to 'do something big', an alarm on his paranormal activity detectors then starts going off on the other side of the room - and even though you don't really know what the alarm sounds actually mean, you still get chills down your spine.

Thankfully, another camera was set up in the space where the alarms were sounding, and managed to capture what caused them to go off. At first, Sean says he can't spot what's moved, only for the alarm to ring again a few more times.

"How do you explain that? That's weird."

After reviewing the footage he finds that a cushion appears to move on its own, sliding down on the bench and triggering the proximity sensor.

"Was this Betty taking a seat and joining our investigation?" he asks.

He also explains that earlier in the investigation, he captured footage of the bible on the table appearing to move.

Credit: Caters

Sean said: "A cross, glass of spirit and a candle had been set into flour to see if anything would move in the hopes we'd catch it on camera.

"I also placed a bible, which was owned and signed by Betty, with the other items."

"What I had caught sent chills down my spine with excitement. On the locked off camera, as the equipment alarms can be heard, a cushion appears to move all on its own.

"I can't find any rational explanation for this and I was so excited to see that we had caught what was potentially Betty moving a physical object on camera.

"To top it off, again while I had been investigating in a section of the bar, I asked Betty to blow the candle out on the table but Betty had gone one further - moving the bible and tapping on the table.

"This was one paranormal investigation that I will never forget. Capturing multiple paranormal occurrences on camera was amazing and something I have never seen before.

"Perhaps Betty was getting in the Christmas spirit and had sat in the corner ready to drink our drink and read her favourite book.

Fair play to Betty then. Good to know that ghosts also enjoy getting trollied during the festive season.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman is a journalist who graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film Studies, English Language and Literature, and has previously worked for Time Out and The Skinny among others.

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