Bridesmaid Bans Drinks, Drugs, Sex And Self-Chosen Food On Vegas Hen Party

Pre-wedding gatherings such as hen and stag parties can be seriously dangerous affairs, can't they? They're usually bloody expenny, involve way too much alcohol and there's always a few people who want to go home early.

But imagine planning and paying for the trip of a lifetime to Vegas - the entertainment capital of the world - then being told you can't drink (only applies to hard liquor, but still), have sex or even choose your own food.

That's what one bridesmaid has outlined exactly what she expects from the rest of the bridal party.

The 'Rules' were outlined pretty clearly. Credit: Facebook
The 'Rules' were outlined pretty clearly. Credit: Facebook

The email went to all 16 attendees, according to the Metro, and she even requested a payment of $50 (£38) each so that she could buy food for everyone.

In the email she wrote: "I'm really excited for our upcoming trip to Vegas. I think it'll be such a good time and we'll all finally get to bond."

Then she went on to burst everyone's bubble, saying: "I know Vegas is known as 'sin city', but despite this, I still have to uphold the moral code our Father inscribed in my heart. Due to this, I have some ground rules that I'd like everyone to follow.

"These will not only help me remain aligned with the Church, but also keep us all out of trouble."

Who called the fun police? I mean, fair enough if someone doesn't want to drink and have pre-marital sex due to their religious commitments but forcing it on everyone else? Really?

Suppose there will be no alcohol for this bridesmaid at the wedding either. Credit: PA
Suppose there will be no alcohol for this bridesmaid at the wedding either. Credit: PA

She went on to explain that on the Sunday, the hens would be going to a... *drum roll* church service at 7.15am after contacting an appropriate church.

She then added: "In the hotel room, no hard liquor. I don't want people getting inebriated and falling from the balcony. Also, as this is my first time being 'of age' and in an environment with prevalent drinking, I don't want to be tempted by these foul drinks.

"I'm not sure how I'll react to 'rum' or 'tequila' or 'vodka' and I'd like to test these in more controlled environments. Please stick to light beers and red wines."

The email went on. Credit: Facebook
The email went on. Credit: Facebook

Next up: "There will be no sex taking place in our hotel rooms/anywhere in the suite. As none of us have committed ourselves to husbands yet, there's no need to have premarital sex."

But after marriage, fill your boots with who the hell you fancy... hmm, we're not sure that's actually what she means somehow.

The email was posted on a wedding shaming group but has now been deleted from Facebook.

Image of a hen party and the light-hearted fun that can be had. Credit: PA
Image of a hen party and the light-hearted fun that can be had. Credit: PA

The bridesmaid didn't stop there either, adding: "Please Venmo me $50 (£38) as I will be buying groceries for the hotel room. The last thing we need is to be famished in the desert heat.

"Absolutely under no circumstances - no drugs. Drugs bring nothing but problems, please leave your Adderall at home.

"I understand you have a medical condition, but as we will not be studying, there is no need for you to take your methamphetamines."

How many people do you reckon had 'accidentally' double booked? Or maybe something just magically (and randomly) came up?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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