There's not a lot you can do to prepare for coming face-to-face with a gigantic spider.

Credit: Lauren Ansell

You can't swat it, the fucker will bite your arm off. You can't trap it under a glass, it's too big. What are you supposed to do? Well, this couple found out that all you can do is concede you're going to spend your life trapped in the clutches of the beast.

Lauren Ansell from Mount Coolum in Queensland uploaded a picture and video of a huge huntsman spider which she nicknamed 'Aragog' after Hagrid's pet in Harry Potter.

The monster appeared on their glass door while they were cooking food, but according to Lauren it didn't seem too harmful. That was until they moved towards it to move it and it got a bit aggy.

Is this what it's like to live in Australia? Just constantly on the look out for massive creatures that may or may not kill you. How do Aussies get anything done?

Credit: Lauren Ansell

"My partner was on the outside trying to cook our food. We didn't want to kill it, but it didn't like us for trying to move it along," Lauren told Daily Mail Australia. "It's still alive and happy. I nicknamed it Aragog."

Aragog has now apparently moved on to somewhere in their garden, but the couple are not aware whereabouts it is. Weirdly, they don't seem fazed by that. For most people if a spider is there one minute and then gone the next they won't sleep for three days.

She also said that - much like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - the spider has rushed off to the 'forbidden forest'. Have you not seen that film, Lauren? The frigger is going to have about 700 kids and they're going to chase you in your magic car. Or something to that effect.

In fairness you do have to respect the couple for not wanting to kill the spider, as I'm sure most people would have run at it with a bat, smashing the glass in the process of eliminating the beast.

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