Chrissy Teigen Sets Twitter Account To Private After 'Pizzagate' Accusation

Chrissy Teigen has set her Twitter account to private after she and husband John Legend were dragged into a bullshit conspiracy theory.

Self-proclaimed 'investigative journalist' Liz Conkin accused Teigen of playing a part in the (debunked) Pizzagate paedophile ring conspiracy theory.

Conkin tweeted photos of Teigen and Legend's daughter Luna dressed in various costumes, including Alice in Wonderland and a pineapple, suggesting that the costumes pointed towards some involvement with the completely made-up paedophile ring.

Teigen then shared the post, writing: "Alright. I debated saying something about this but I'm pretty disturbed over here. The fact that there are people with really scary."

Credit: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen

She followed this with a tweet saying: "Apparently dressing my daughter as Alice in Wonderland and a hot dog and having a pizza emoji on Snapchat has to do with Pizzagate and being uhhhh darksided. Holy shit. That thread is wild. Enjoy."

And another saying: "It is INCREDIBLY weird to be two (semi) normal, ridiculously boring human beings who literally make food, watch tv and clean up dog barf in any kind of off time and then be suddenly accused of being in Hollywood's hottest pedo ring. What a year what a year, 2017.

"But if I dressed Luna up as Alice, wouldn't I be on their side and 'following the white rabbit'?? Why would I post it? What does a hot dog symbolise? Why would I willingly choose a pizza if I were in a secret pizza cult? Why am I trying to even make sense of this still please help."

Credit: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen

She then tweeted to ask why Liz Crokin had a verified account. "Thank you, Twitter, for verifying somebody who is essentially accusing me (with pictures of my daughter) of child abuse and paedophilia to their 50,000 followers," she wrote.

So Twitter responded by removing her blue tick - something Crokin wasn't happy about, as she posted: Twitter just unverified my account thanks to @chrissyteigen. That's OK cuz I care more about saving kids than I do about a blue checkmark!"

Legend then threatened the bizarre account with legal action:

While Teigen posted a similar message, asking fans: "anyone know any good lawyers?"

But it hasn't put Crokin off tweeting, as she's since posted photos of the couple standing alongside Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Bill and Hillary Clinton, with the caption: "Chrissy Teigen & John Legend are threatening to sue me for pointing out their pals are rapists, pedos & sex traffickers. Too bad it's true."

Crokin went on to add that she had never accused either of them of anything directly.

Credit: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen

Teigen has since changed her Twitter settings and made her account private, which is a shame because she's one of the funniest people on there.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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