Thai Woman Shows Off Just How Bad A Botched Nose Job Can Look

You've probably all heard the horror stories of people heading to dodgy clinics in far-away places to get some work done, but few could come close to this. An unnamed Thai woman wanted a cheap rhinoplasty and decided to go under the knife to get a more 'pronounced' nose, according to the Daily Mail.

But imagine going into theatre thinking you were finally going to get the nose you've always wanted (and for such a bargain price), and then waking up to see this:

Nose Job
Nose Job

Credit: AsiaWire

Surely you'd think that the doctor had forgotten the last few steps of the procedure and accidentally left the silicone implant sticking out. But no, sadly this was the finished product.

I guess you get what you pay for.

There are several ways you can get a rhinoplasty done, however it depends on what you want to get out of the surgery. It's clear that this woman, reportedly from the south of Thailand, wanted to get her dorsal nasal segment altered and the surgeon opted for a silicone implant.

Dr John Hilinski says there is a big issue when people use silicone implants for rhinoplasty, writing on his website: "They do not become incorporated into the surrounding tissue of the nose.

Nose Job
Nose Job

Credit: AsiaWire

"Unfortunately, while encapsulation can keep the implant in the general vicinity, it does not prevent the implant from moving around during the healing process of rhinoplasty.

"When this occurs, the displaced silicone implant can result in an undesirable cosmetic appearance.

"In other cases, the silicone implant is outright rejected by the body and can even be pushed out through the skin."

That seems to be the exact thing that has happened with this Thai patient. It's understood that the woman began suffering from an infection when the implant protruded from her head.

Nose Job
Nose Job

Credit: AsiaWire

But the Daily Mail says when the woman returned to the clinic, she was offered no help and they 'took no responsibility' for the botched job. Eventually, she travelled to Bangkok, where surgeons removed the piece of silicone for free.

However, that's still left a gaping hole in her head.

Dr Hilinski adds: "Silicone nasal implants are considerably more popular in the Asian rhinoplasty population given the fact that Asian noses typically have an insufficient amount of native cartilage support to provide even moderate definition.

"For many rhinoplasty surgeons, choosing a silicone nasal implant is an easy option that helps them avoid having to perform more complex rhinoplasty technique."

This story should serve as a warning that while the implant might be a popular or easy way of getting a nose job, it doesn't always work out.

Sources: Daily Mail

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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