Firefighters Rescue Drunk Man After Three Hours On Live Electrical Cables

Firefighters in China have rescued a drunk man who spent three hours walking about on some high voltage power lines.

It has been reported that the man scaled a pole to a height of about 32 feet before climbing onto the overhead power cables.

The fire crew eventually managed to get the man down unhurt after they climbed up a nearby tree.

This whole bizarre incident took place in the Chinese city of Quanzhou, in the south eastern Fujian Province.

Reports suggest that when the firefighters tipped up, the man was walking around on one of the power lines while holding onto another for support. Their first action upon arrival was to instruct the electricity company to cut the power from the lines.

By this point, a group of gawping bystanders had formed below, waiting to see the outcome of the incident.

Credit: AsiaWire
Credit: AsiaWire

They initially tried to talk the guy down from his vantage point with a megaphone. That didn't get them very far, though. It turns out that the kind of drunk person who climbs to a great height on dangerous electrical cables isn't that easy to reason with.

Who knew?

Next up, the fire crews positioned an inflatable mattress underneath where the guy was suspended. That bought them a bit of time to have a think about their next move. Unfortunately, the man kept moving about, which meant they frequently had to shift the position of the mattress.

That's not conducive to getting much serious thinking or planning done under pressure.

Credit: AsiaWire
Credit: AsiaWire

After a bit, they decided to call for reinforcements. A cherry picker was brought in to aid the operation. The man on the cables then wandered too close to one of the firefighters who had climbed the tree. The man was grabbed and pushed down in the general direction of the inflatable mattress.

Miraculously, the guy wasn't hurt. He was handed over to the coppers, though. Which seems fair enough, when you think about it.

Credit: AsiaWire
Credit: AsiaWire

For the rest of us, we've got a nice little video to watch and have a laugh. If there is a serious message to take home from this, it should be something along the lines of - don't fuck about near electrical cables. Even better, don't climb up to a great height and then hang about on them.

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but it seems as if some people just haven't figured this out yet.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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